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  1. haha thanks alot guys, I be on forums as much as in-game :)!
  2. All a fully congratz from me, you all helped me out in the begin so you all deserve this ! keep it going lads.
  3. Hello guys, After sniffing around for a couple days I am here to introduce myself so u guys get to know me better. I am called Mitchell (26) old. I live in the Netherlands, I got my own company in repairing Sea containers don't know if u guys are familliar with that. I am enjoying this server alot the people who welcomed me and still helping me out no matter what gives me a good feeling. The staff doing a great job on updates and making this server grow also the amazing community who is helping out. I am hoping to stay for awhile and ye enough @sslicking for today have a great day guys $eeYouInGame :)!
  4. Happy you guys work hard on updates, like the new monsters thats more drops + more slayer tasks also. Really a great job u guys doing this server deserves loads of players ! You guys got my fully support on all what you do!
  5. Love these series, one of the reasons I found this server and started playing ! keep it going bud.