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  1. Best wishes Noele, get better soon!
  2. Amazing job to everyone involved in this process, it may have taken longer than we all thought, but once this client goes live the server is going to feel so, so good. Honestly can't wait. Thank you very much for letting us all know!
  3. Number 28, goodluck to everyone else! Sorry to hear you go
  4. Wish you all the best on your ironman goals!
  5. Cool idea, good luck on your drops!
  6. Great idea, I think adding a task system would be perfect for everyone who needs a little something extra to do.
  7. Nice forums update.
  8. Welcome back to the server!
  9. Best of luck to the new staff members!
  10. ranks are dank.
  11. Welcome, and enjoy the server!
  12. :(

    All the best wishes and good vibes going your way man!
  13. One less person to compete with. :-( But I hope you don't regret your decision, and enjoy your new gamemode to the fullest possible extent!
  14. Thats alot of reaper contracts, nice!