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  1. Hey @Tempest Welcome to Ataraxia! Yeah if PVM and Skilling are your thing then you'll enjoy it here! Fantastic Community where everyone gets along and everyone is so helpful so you should never find yourself stuck! Hope to see / speak to you in game!
  2. Good luck buddy!
  3. Gratzzz @Tubby/Extubby
  4. Welcome to Ataraxia
  5. Welcome back to Ataraxia! See you in game hopefully
  6. IGN: Esskay Good Luck to All!
  7. That's a mighty fine looking bank you got there! Now if you would just let me view it all....in my bank?
  8. Welcome to Ataraxia Niko! Look forward to seeing / hearing from you in game!
  9. Hey Vibe! Welcome to the server! Nice to meet you and looking forward to bumping into in game!
  10. Welcome @Dusty it's nice to meet you! Hopefully see you in game, Welcome to Atartaxia, Enjoy!
  11. Nice to meet you Anubis! Welcome to the server!
  12. Welcome Nick, Think we've bumped int each other in game already! Might have to hit you up for some PvMing
  13. Whey! Welcome to the forums buddy! Nice to meet you Randy! Sweet forum signature Also didn't even realise both your users and DBZ references! lol I would say look forward to meeting you in game but that ship has already sailed!
  14. Nice to meet you Luke! Damn son that much playtime! Hardcore! And nice riding a Kangaroo sounds boss!!
  15. Hey there buddy! Welcome to the community! Good to have you on board, Nice to meet you Zach, Look forward to seeing you in game!