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  1. I think I'm finally at the point where the server is no fun to me and its only really used to pass time for me now. I don't do much anymore like I used to since I don't have anymore goals I really wanna accomplish. its not because of irl difficulties or responsibilities thankfully but its more productive to me do something else with that time. I joined in December and didn't really know anyone but its nice to know that in 10 months I met lots of great players. I wont be on much as I don't really care too much about what goes on ingame (keep it real) and I can just talk to most people on discord. Guess its time to name some of the players I met over 10 months. Feed my ego - First person to actually help me and teach me money making guides when he was one rich son of a gun still appreciate the help. My first friend here, sad you don't play anymore but I understand why. Fat panda - My big brother, Nice to actually be friends with you considering back then you were an important mod and didn't really talk to the "newer" players. Thanks for helping me Brother Dicey - Dice4admin. The flexicutioner. The discord god. I know you'll be admin one day and if not we'll get staff members fired again Hot milo - You owe me a cracker....Nah love you bro, Always cool to talk to you. I'll see you swinging around from time to time don't worry Dreas snow - Got to be your friend because of smashcast, Funny seeing you challenge snixie to pk and brining the wrong key to legios. Maybe you'll come back once hentai smasher 3 dies out Wiko - Really cool to talk to, Miss you bud. Would've been nice to maxed out our experts together Kieran - I absolutely hate you, You ruined the eco with your z bow. I hope you never train combat and you abused me with your duo slay greed <3 Th33b0ss - Thanks for letting me abuse your acc for rune drags, I owe you 10% of my bank lol Tranquility - Really chill and always helping, The best kind of player although sometimes I wanted to punch you in the face for afking so much Ely Sia N - Sorry things didn't really work out your way on our lil staking adventure. I'm sure you'll somehow figure out a way to become richest Hcim and get your revenge on me one day and I cant wait. I'll be waiting till that day comes with open arms haha. Ari - One word: Wife. Sorry cook Sono - My best friend on the server, You are one hell of a favela kid. I'm gonna become an arrastao just for you and we'll make music videos together :'). Best of luck bro. I A N - bro in law, only love for you homie. See you around. I could keep going but i'm just gonna give out other mentions to people I got close too: Loure, Dad rsps (watch his vids), Ai d s/Ghost mouse,Uzi, Anarchy4, Tom/I play heaps, Node, Arya Stark, Xgn Xero, James, Sander and Franklin. sorry if I forgot you. Staking 80b let dicey know I might log in from time to time but I don't see a point if I'm getting on just to waste time and not because I actually enjoy it. I wish the server the best of luck in its future updates and hopefully it can get more players than these shitty 317's. Thanks for the server Noele. Love you all - The Real Mvp
  2. Ign: Mvpextreme Best of luck in the future bby, sorry relationship didn't work out between us but its okay. i'll still watch your smashcast
  3. Millionaire playboy
  4. Best of luck mate choose number 5
  5. Very nice video, helps out a lot. I can't vorago atm but wil definitely use this in the future. Good job
  6. Best of luck to everyone and thanks for the giveaway Ign:Mvpdany
  7. I haven't met the entire staff team so I cant rate them all but I always see them helping in the fc, The staff team is amazing overall. I have talked to a few staff members like Feed My ego, He's been doing a great job helping out especially since he's always bossing so it becomes hard to pm back at times. He also makes time to show you things personally which really helps, Feed my ego Rating: 10/10 but he can improve in 1 area and that's spamming the chat with rare drops Fat panda is another amazing staff member I've talked to and helped me with donation questions and he answers back pretty fast which is nice, 10/10. Like I said its a Very nice staff team, keep up the great work