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  1. Saw you in-game today and got to talk for a little bit, so I've already witnessed a little of the "trolling" But Regardless great to meet you and excited to see you in-game more often
  2. Welcome back, always good to see people joining (or rejoining), and by chance, do you happen to be a Green Bay Packers fan? I haven't met too many of them online.
  3. Enjoyed seeing you often in game, sad to see you go. Goodluck in your line of work mate.
  4. I joined this server only about a week (or two) ago with my little brother lil jax and we tried to race the see who could max first. Throughout us playing, i made a few friends, but none of them really stuck and eventually my little brother quit because he has to deal with football, school, and other stuff so it left me alone. I started to grind hardcore, logging on around 3-4hours a day even after i got home for work, putting me at my current 40hrs in a very short amount of time. But personally, as i started hitting 99s in each skill, i came to realize i wasn't having fun anymore. What makes games fun for me is being able to talk to people while i do things such as skill or boss, but i have had no such luck, i didn't feel very welcomed. So i do not have any motivation to play anymore, even though i'm so close to maxing. I have had a great time on the server and would recommend this server to any of my friends because of the great time i had. Also, Congrats to Crunch, igrindbro, and Stormer1992 as they got my bank. Goodluck to all of the rest of you and your upcomming gains Finally, a huge thank you to Noele for actually being involved in the server and for making such a great server, i won't forget it.
  5. This looks really cool, I've enjoyed R6 on many servers in the past and I'm escstatic to start, keep us updated!