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  1. A bit of personal info and a bit boring so if you don't really care you can just skip to the bottom. New and not much info so i'll keep it sweet. A little background info first: So at the beginning of October my graduating class went on a school-wide trip (Senior is HS to clear things up) to a local camp for a 'senior day' where we basically just have fun. I was playing ultimate Frisbee with a bunch of people and someone threw it way ahead of me so i ran and tried to make a diving catch, but ended up flying into someone causing me to land on the back of my head really hard. This caused me to have a concussion (why i stopped playing for a few days). Fast forward a few weeks and I wasn't getting any better and had constant random nose bleeds so my doctor recommended me getting a with and without contrast MRI (scan of the brain) to see what was wrong, the symptoms made him believe i had a blood clot in my brain so he wanted to check it out immediately (this was also because my grandmother died because of one so it runs in the family). We had a lot of complications trying to get the MRI done as the hospital i currently go to can't do walk-in MRI's and the other local one was booked for another two weeks. We did a lot of communicating my my doctor eventually got pissed off because he's the head doctor for Texas A&M and was super busy. He used his connections to contact the director of imaging and the head-ER lady to see me the next morning super early. I went in the next morning and got checked in quick, got the IV (passed out from it, i hate seeing blood), and got the MRI scan done pretty quickly. Juicy Info (skip to here): Doctor called my mother a few days later and told her i had impacted nasal cavities (causing the nosebleeds) as well as a brain tumor on my pituitary gland. I don't know much about it as of now but November 30th i go into Houston and have to stay there for a couple days to get some testing done and that's when i'll find out whether it's cancerous, if it'll spread, if I have to have surgery, etc. But luckily they found it early on because of the MRI and they think I might have lucked out. But yeah, just thought i'd give a little update on where i'm at and if you don't see me for a while this is why. I got on earlier since i had some free time and was feeling okay, so a few people already know. I'll try and get on discord every once and a while and i should get notifications if you PM me. Thanks for sparing me some of your time, cya later.
  2. Always sad to see a player go, especially one i only have fond memories of and messing around with. Goodluck in the next chapter of your life mate, though i'll be hoping for your return.
  3. I've seen you a couple times in-game you seem pretty chill. If you ever need anything just shoot me a message
  4. Saw you in-game today and got to talk for a little bit, so I've already witnessed a little of the "trolling" But Regardless great to meet you and excited to see you in-game more often
  5. Welcome back, always good to see people joining (or rejoining), and by chance, do you happen to be a Green Bay Packers fan? I haven't met too many of them online.
  6. Enjoyed seeing you often in game, sad to see you go. Goodluck in your line of work mate.
  7. I joined this server only about a week (or two) ago with my little brother lil jax and we tried to race the see who could max first. Throughout us playing, i made a few friends, but none of them really stuck and eventually my little brother quit because he has to deal with football, school, and other stuff so it left me alone. I started to grind hardcore, logging on around 3-4hours a day even after i got home for work, putting me at my current 40hrs in a very short amount of time. But personally, as i started hitting 99s in each skill, i came to realize i wasn't having fun anymore. What makes games fun for me is being able to talk to people while i do things such as skill or boss, but i have had no such luck, i didn't feel very welcomed. So i do not have any motivation to play anymore, even though i'm so close to maxing. I have had a great time on the server and would recommend this server to any of my friends because of the great time i had. Also, Congrats to Crunch, igrindbro, and Stormer1992 as they got my bank. Goodluck to all of the rest of you and your upcomming gains Finally, a huge thank you to Noele for actually being involved in the server and for making such a great server, i won't forget it.
  8. This looks really cool, I've enjoyed R6 on many servers in the past and I'm escstatic to start, keep us updated!