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  1. Hello everyone, I'd love to make this short and sweet, but due to the nature of who I am and how I like to do things, it won't be. TLDR read end quote if you want to know how I feel - love you all... I can remember the first day I joined thinking this was going to be the best server I'd ever played. And it was. I hadn't played RSPS in years and decided to pay it a revisit, and this is the one I stumbled upon. I can vividly remember joining the discord, which at the time I had no idea what that even was, and sitting there muted listening to people talk - and the open arms that allowed me to feel unjudged and free to say whatever I please without feeling stupid. That's a powerful feeling, and I was feeling it on an online internet game... Many of you might think this is lame, but whenever you feel that - keep it close. I've grown close to people on this server like I've known them for years, but the time has come that I say farewell. I've just been promoted in my career, and it has enabled me to travel around the world to help companies and industries alike, which will force my minimal play time to even lower depths, which just isn't fair to any of you. I will be traveling for the next several months and would love to get on and play once in a while, but I just don't think it will be a possibility. I've thought about resigning many times, due to the lack of work I do, but had never really felt it affected people. I want to say I'm sorry for the lack of motivation I've shown and rubbed off onto other members of not only the server but staff team as well. I've dragged down productivity across the board, and take full responsibility. It's only fair to not only the players but the entire server as a whole that distractions are minimized. I've had a ton of fun watching this server grow from what it started as, and I hope that it continues its successful path. I wish everyone the best, and have fun! Thanks, Blake “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” - A.A. Milne
  2. And i'd say no because there'd be a dialog box making u check it and hit accept.
  3. ;;gambleaddict - disables u from ever gambling; can never be turned off. There. lmfao
  4. Lmfao this was hard to read. --- If you can't have self-control on a game - the game is a great place to start. Period.
  5. I still love the idea of dicing. Pretty simple to just no dice with the host. Y'all make it sound like the dice host is forcing you to play the game with them....
  6. yeah. Okay - you don't understand this.
  7. As any business will tell you - more comes in than goes out. Math is your friend.
  8. Well since the blackjack "host" would be an npc, it would be a money sink into nothing. Lmao that's how money sinks work.
  9. I love this suggestion. I think if you don't want gambling simply don't do it. Self-control. Thanks, Rahoc
  10. Thanks for making this. Looking forward to seeing what we can work on
  11. Good stuff. Thanks for your hard work.
  12. I'm down! Thanks for hosting
  13. Rahoc