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  1. Hey

    Welcome! Enjoy your time here Maximum
  2. Thanks for this, probably about to start my RoTs grind. had no idea how to do it. Now I got insight. Many helpful
  3. This. This is what would make Ataraxia even better. Give it it's own personality.
  4. I could compete against you
  5. Goodluck Goodluck. Wish you did Regular ironman instead of HCI.
  6. Dang. That's pretty hot.
  7. I agree. It would be very, very useful to have a staff member who is BR. However, that person needs to be extremely fluent in English. The reason being is that you still need to communicate with us, the staff team, and the other 80% of players who are fully English speaking. And you'd need to communicate with us without being lost/ not understand. If you can manage that then I see no problems with you deciding to make an application.
  8. Welcome slut. Enjoy your time here Hope to see ya around.
  9. He only did that to try and get the best frames. Good shit Dad Rsps, better luck next time!
  10. Lots xp. That's an achievement in itself. Nice gains. @5:50 Tom tele'd me out my my dung. Good times.
  11. Catch ya later mate.
  12. Wasssuh dude. Enjoy you time here with us.
  13. Such a shame to see that someone doesn't feel welcomed here. Never got a chance to speak to you. I have good hugs... promise Good luck in wherever it is you go! I'm always here with open arms if you decide we're too awesome to leave
  14. Welcome to the server Bart. Enjoy your time here. We're pretty cool.
  15. Welcome. Guild Wars 1 is completely foreign to me but regardless, Enjoy your time here!