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  1. amazing updates like always noel
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InKcRfsELPk&list=RDInKcRfsELPk best song atm
  3. LOOT FROM 1 THOUSAND KALPHITE KINGS so i will be slowly updating this every 100 kills and i will be keeping a tab and only selling the drygores if i get any (work in progress)
  4. 1. What is your total level? Combat level? Game Mode? 2596 veteran 138 2. How would you describe yourself: Skiller, PvMer, PvPer, somewhere in between, or something else? skiller and pvmer 3. Who told you about us? (Skip if not applicable) you did 4. Would you like to get a Discord and do you have a mic? (Not necessary) maybe 5. Do you agree to all of our rules? yes 6. What are the Mystery Words (Hint: They're in the Rules section of the thread) count dracula is coming
  5. suh dude welcome
  6. great video im still waiting for loot from 100 goblins though
  7. i like wait for its suggestion but i say add pics~! of the like loot as u get it or something
  8. welcome nepo!
  9. its a alt acc for a rich player so its nothing illegitmate
  10. beautiful updates noel u work so hard and its always well lvoed by everyone thank you for your hard work!
  11. loot from 100 goblins
  12. welcome back!
  13. damn i had 90 on my easy acc but thats gone so i have to start all over X.D
  14. good luck bruh when u get sara pet ima cry