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  1. Take care mate
  2. There really isn't much else to say on the matter as Milo covered most of it. All I'd like to add is as long as being Brazilian/speaking Portuguese isn't the only reason you're deemed qualified to be a staff member, I'm all for it. Like Flaik mentioned, I've been with the community for a very, very short amount of time (quite literally joined yesterday) so I'm unsure of how much what I have to say matters, but I still like to voice my opinion
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome gents, hope to see you all around
  4. weeb
  5. Not one to hold my tongue, I'm not gonna go around telling everyone to get f*cked , but I don't really see swearing as a bad thing. It's just part of my vocabulary at this point.
  6. I like memes, I like laughing, I like basketball. Hmu sluts