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  1. I'm just glad you finally made an intro, took you way 480 hours too long, lmao. Glad to see it man!
  2. Glad to have you back! I don't remember you because I just started a month or so back. But always good to know people return!
  3. Have a good one MVP. Fc will be dull a little more now.
  4. Hope you do well in your ventures!
  5. Figure now that I've clocked about 140~ in game hours, and am remotely active in discord I'll make an intro, ahah. My name's Layne, 24 years old and have been playing RSPS's for about 7 years on and off. And been playing runescape on and off since about 2002. Which makes me a relative vet, in that aspect. Other than that, i'm just some shitty potato gamer pretty much. In all the years I've been gaming, I co-owned a dodian based server back in 2009, and that's what really gave me the love for RSPS's. After the server went down I've just been bouncing around all of them, until actually finding one that's got good updates, a faithful and supportive staff team, and that's this server. If you haven't seen me in game, i'm just practically a sarcastic asshole to a point. With all of my years in RS, i'm practically just trying to be as helpful as possible, so feel free to message me in game with questions if staff isn't on! Wish me luck on the goal to Hardcore Ironman Completionist Cape Trimmed!
  6. From what I know, CJay being the *lead* on this update. I'm loving it! So shout out to him.