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  1. You mean demoted to admin? :smug:
  2. Nice to have you. You're a good guy and very helpful to the players in-game. I've had my eye on you for awhile now, welcome to the staff team. Can always use rs vets with a lot of game knowledge.
  3. 1b all xp. 2 of every drop. if you don't achieve it you aren't a true robot.
  4. 500 Pieces of food cooked for Cooking Gauntlets Every 2500 essence used to create a single type of rune you get that specific rune's talisman staff. So 2500 pure essence used to create death runes would give you a death talisman staff.
  5. Accepted, welcome to Iron Man/Hcim Clan
  6. Accepted, Welcome to the HCIM Clan. Happy to have you.
  7. +1 for sure. Always got my support. Very knowledgeable player and I'm sure you'd be useful in beta testing.
  8. A month and some chance overdue... better late than never though. I've been in the rsps and rs community for 11 years now, I discovered rsps's about a month or so after I discovered runescape. I started playing rsps back when you went to those websites like "godzhell" and had to join the server by typing the ip-address like.... blahblahblah.no-ip.biz.. oh the memories lmao... barbarian women dropping red p hats and dragon items... anyways. Been around awhile. I'm 20 years old, live in North Carolina, in college for Software & Web Development, I love world peace and long walks on the beach. Joking, couldn't care less about the first and the sun is the bane of my existence. As I've been on the server for over a month an introduction isn't really necessary, most of you know me as being 3 things. 1. A troll.. I LOVE TO JOKE AROUND. If you're a nice guy and I consider you my friend, I will joke around with you more than others. It's my way of expressing friendship/brotherly love. Probably not the most effective way, but it's what I do 2. Helpful/Nice.. I'm actually super nice. If there's staff online able to do their job and help the players, I'm my same old typical troll self having a blast. But when 2-6 am comes around, (I play like 14+ hrs a day lol. like noon to 4 am) and theres no staff online, I'm more than happy to step up and help the players out if it's within my knowledge. Even if staff is online actually, I just don't help as much. Thats what staff is for. 3. IM OVERPOWERED!!!!!!! A.K.A.... I'm a Nerd/No-Lifer, or as I like to say, i have a life I just spend it on Ataraxia :P, OK YES! I perhaps play more than is healthy....... However I'm just doing what I enjoy. I enjoy rsps, and Ataraxia is the current server I'm playing, so yeah I'm gonna nerd the shit out of it lmao. Long story short, I'm a super nice guy who likes to troll too much and spends his life on rsps, currently Ataraxia.
  9. lmao..... your banner... i'm dead.
  10. I've just never been big on forums. Even on servers I was in-game staff on, which number over 100 servers in the last 11 years. I've never been very active on forums, I'm just 500% active in-game. forums is an xp waste.
  11. stick around and you'll see my non-troll side
  12. Updates nice for iron man and hardcore iron man. - Adding bank placeholders. Like osrs, when you take an item out that you only have one of it fades and says 0. - Add blood altar to the members zone. - Add chocolate to the rfd chest like in real rs. I can't think of any other way to obtain chocolate dust. - Not just a nice update for iron mans but for everyone, adding the "Thaler" system, the points you obtain by participating in various minigames used to buy a variety of items such as Silverhawk Boots. I think that would be pretty cool. - Another nice update for everyone, shift click to drop items, or dragging it out of your inventory. Both osrs and rs3 have one of these features and it makes gameplay much smoother.