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  1. Sick video man. Well done!
  2. There is no need to apologize, friendo. Life goes ahead of a game. You do you, and even if you do not manage to do the giveaway, do not worry. It's alright
  3. Damn man, it really sucks to hear that your health isn't looking good. I haven't met you but I'm sure that you're a great guy. It sucks to read all this, and I think the community really appreciates you explaining the situation. All I can do is pray that it gets better. Take care, champion. My in-game name is "SilverNova" by the way. Thank you very much for hosting the giveaway as well. <3
  4. WagOneCuzz'
  5. Welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay
  6. Thanks man. Hit me up if you some day decide to make an RSMV!
  7. Yeah. It did die out during a period but me and another member called "Cupidity" have climbed our ways to deputy owner, so we are resurrecting it. It might not be filled with players every day, but on Saturday/Sunday at around this time we usually have like 40+ members in the clan. Feel free to join it as a guest
  8. Thanks @Flaik Tbh the community never died out. People just assumed it did for a random reason. I'm in a clan on RS3/OSRS specifically dedicated to RSMVing Editors, and those that wish to help. We have like around 482 members right now (500 is the max you can have on Runescape) and about 100+ of those are active editors. Been that way since RS Clans were released, lol. You should totally try RSMVing again though. I'd love to see some new rsmvs from you
  9. Nice, glad to see another RSMVer as well ;). Why did you stop making them by the way? And tbh I understand you. But at the same time when you see people make RSMVs like these, you just have to try to make one yourself (^_^) Thank you @Feed My Ego Thanks man. I'm happy you liked them
  10. Thanks for the welcome, and I'm glad you enjoyed the videos
  11. Hello everyone! I am SilverNova, also known as Alexander in real life. Some of you may know me, as I have played several private servers the last few years. A bit less lately, but I am generally known in the RSPSC. During my free time I enjoy to create several types of videos and upload them on several Youtube Channels. As of right now I am also studying a Master of Science in Games and Software Development. I started studying in BTH (Blekinge Tekniska Högskola) in the middle of August, so this is pretty much my first year. The games I like to play are Runescape, League of Legends with a side of table tennis (Alias Ping Pong) as I live in a massive apartment shared by several students. To the side I always enjoy listening to music, playing the acoustic guitarr and dancing. If you've read this far, feel free to say "Welcome DanceMeister" in your reply and I'll give you reputation for actually reading this intro. Anyways, Fun Fact: I was actually pronounced as a DanceMeister ('Meister' being Master in German) even though I just recently joined the school. Another thing I quite enjoy doing is to create RSMVs, which is like my main "to go to" habit. I will leave some videos I've created down below in the spoilers. Thanks for reading my introduction, and have a wonderful day!