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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind and warming welcomes! I really hope to talk to you all in game and get to know each other a little. @Flaik my optic on the AR is an Aimpoint PRO. As for the cat, she's a little heathen but she is cute as hell, I'll give her that.
  2. Greetings members of Ataraxia, My name in game is "Der" and I just had the pleasure of joining yesterday. My Real name is Dylan and I'm 22 years old. I reside in the great United States of America, Pennsylvania to be more precise. I'm currently taking a break from RS3 due to my staking addiction and having the tendency to stake every GP I obtain. My username is "Der" on there as well for you creeps that like to creep. I will only be playing until around November 20th because I'm leaving for Basic Training for the Chair Force down in Texas! Until then though, I will be online and more than happy to talk to anyone. I will also be in Italy for 2 weeks at the end of October into the beginning of November to see my girlfriend who is currently studying abroad. I'm extremely laid back and love a good conversation. I love guns and food as well. I hope to build some friendships before I leave and hopefully when I come back, this will still be here and I can continue my journey then! I work full time so I do have other obligations in life but when I'm home, I'm most likely on here so shoot me a message if you want. Or not, that's cool too. I won't take it personally. Maybe. Thank you reading and have a wonderful day! With kind regards, Dylan BONUS: Picture of my kitty and I just chillin' My first and only (for now) AR-15 that I built. I have 3 more builds planned for the near future as well. Meet ARianna