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  1. In-game Name: buy tayrocs ( yes, I'm a b0aty fantranny) Image proof of HCIM status: Any previous punishments: nah Any unique accomplishments: nope, just playing this during afk session on my main. Some goals you have set: alteast I want to be maxed in the future
  2. thanks for your time jaedmo! I hope i will see you around so now and then! Goodluck with your new goals irl.
  3. Nice vids dude and welcome to ataraxia!
  4. I would like to see streaming some rots or vorago. So people can learn their mechanics. I could help you with those, if you would like.
  5. awesome update with great content. Good work!
  6. Congratulations to multiply and Nobuyuki. Sad to see Tom go. Keep up the good work!
  7. Welcome Bart! I haven't met you yet, but feel free to ask me anything!
  8. damn you are quick bro. See some nice loot overthere.
  9. Still no woody I see 😎. I recieved it today. Goodluck on your achievements mate
  10. great work. Looks like some nice juicie loot!
  11. fastest I have seen so far. Gratz!
  12. Welcome, Well, I will see you tomorrow! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  13. if its not to hard to code this ingame, I think this could be a great minigame. People dont pvp because they dont want to lose items. With this minigame people can pvp, play a minigame and earn some great rewards. But perhaps it fails. Anyways I would play it a lot.
  14. Maybe an option is the minigame in osrs which called last man standing. If its possible to make a custom minigame with the same content. The last man standing gets like 10 point. Second 5 and third 3 and top fifth and fourth place get 1 point. Rewards could be different. From skilling supplies to working gear as vanguard, battle-mage and trickster. Maybe even hard or elite clues. I would really love to play this ingame. This link will show you how the minigame works in osrs. http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Last_Man_Standing Let me know what you guys think about it.
  15. Dear People of ataraxia, I have not been able to play much for the last few weeks because of an injury. During my vacation I broke my right hand. As a result, I'm in the plaster for 3 months. Unfortunately, I can not play and use theamazing updating. I will come back in a few months and wish everyone the best. keep them gainz and progressieve! Sincerely Crypsis a.k.a. King ataraxi