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  1. Interesting to hear your take on the Edelar bits. Never knew what you went through. Just checking in on the ole' community. Miss you guys, @Jaedmo, hope to talk at some point. If not, enjoy the break. It's nice to break away sometimes.
  2. Awesome guy, +1 For staff position again <3

  3. Hey Ely! It's awesome that you've made this post for new players. They'll always want a pointer when they join, and having info for when they're on the forums is even more useful. I would strongly suggest, however, breaking up the wall of text and perhaps adding pictures and different sections of your post to better organize your points and thoughts. I really think it would draw more eyes to this post and give it more potential. Cheers, Octave
  4. Awesome job Tyler, well deserved I'm sure.
  5. Well thanks for the warm welcome guys, it's nice to see some of you again and hello to the newer ones. I'll probably aim to log on at least once a day for a short time in the coming week+.
  6. There would have to be some major motivation for me, but it's not completely out of the picture.
  7. On the forums once again folks, hello!

  8. Hey all, or hello again to some of my older fellows, I'm Octave. I go by a variety of other names from different players, but I've stuck with Octave for the most part. I used to be a longtime member of another old community before Noel created this community from it. There are few that have stayed and continue to be here, most of whom I know well. @Swish @Asphyxiate I used to be Administrator for the older community, but I have since given up that title. @Jaedmo could be considered a spiritual successor in that regard. I used to be on a team with Jaedmo, Phippzy and Panda before things got rough in the old community and I decided to leave. I'm very glad they're still part of the community here and I am very proud that they still have time and put in effort to help make this community as great as it can be on a daily basis. I probably won't consider returning since it undermines others' hard work. As for personal stuff, I'm a casual gamer. I play RS3, League of Legends, and some other Steam Titles, and I enjoy console games like Dark Souls, Skyrim, GTA V, and the Call of Duty and Halo series. Born and raised in the good old US of A. I'm into all types of music, and I enjoy playing drums, so if any of you like chatting about drums, techniques, famous drummers or music in general (I tend to enjoy hard rock and metal), I'm your man. Again, for old fellows I know, Hi again! For those I don't know, it's nice to be here on the forums again. Feel free to ask me other questions on my profile, DM, or if I'm on Discord you can voice chat or @Octave there. Hope to meet some new faces, and good luck in all your goals, endeavors, and achievements.