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  1. I should probably edit this thing. Knowing me i'll be back within the next 3 to 5 months. Gotta work out stuff irl. job and what not. playing this made me forget about other things.
  2. Hohen just told me i could log onto the account and have his t90 armors and everything else. I didn't know he got banned i thought he was just quitting. I didn't know he was banned until after so i thought id stay online to talk to an admin about seeing if i could keep his items and then i couldn't log onto my account.
  3. I appreciate that. I just couldn't sign into my or any of my alts. all said my computer was banned for breaking server rules. I tried to log in later and only my account was locked. I will still be taking a leave however. i may return in the future but idk. See ya.
  4. I don't really play anymore. I kinda just bankstand and talk to people in fc and cc #WeHefinFun but i guess the real reason that im quitting is that i've been ip banned without reason. Seems like appealing does nothing. I tried logging into my account later on and it's locked without reason aswell. I can only assume it's because i logged into hohens account because he said i could have his items and such. I only learned after i logged on that he was banned so i waited for an admin to come online to see about having the items he said i could have and they can do whatever to his account after but instead node just kinda came online and IP banned me thinking i was hohen i guess and went offline without even listening to the fact that it was me on his account. I figured if he was banned his account would have been locked before i even logged on but it wasn't so i just assumed everything was fine and hohen was quitting. It's been fun.
  5. "hopefully"
  6. #RiperinoDicerino
  7. See you on the flip side. 0/
  8. No problem waitin another day.
  9. IGN: Anonymous Ayy fam im poor, lmao Also it was fun. hope your health gets better and it was fun knowin you
  10. When i originally bought the perk a few months ago i said something about this and was told it wasn't supposed to happen. I was told it was only supposed to reduce cooldown and add an hour to the aura.
  11. What's the Issue?: Vamp aura(maybe other auras, haven't tested) doesn't have a cooldown after it depletes. I can continue to use it over and over How Often Does It Occur: Every time aura depletes.
  12. I would love to see off-hands in the game personally.
  13. Thar she blows
  14. Welcome to Ataraxia! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.