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  1. ty guys. better ones to come. i just felt forums needed some quick activity. something helpful for new players who never knew. give other players something to goal for.
  2. fixed it
  3. [Skilling outfits/skilling items] On Ataraxia there are skilling items, or skilling outfits that give additional xp while wearing whilst skilling. too obtain skilling outfits/items are through skilling by not skill, but by times you skilled. (ex. ores mined 500) now each 1k of times you've fished, mined, smelted, farmed etc you get skilling gear. I've added links to show you cosmetic look & to show you outfit bonus's. Now there are other outfits/items in game to help you with exp in skills also such as [MINING] Golden Mining Suit outfit every 1k ores mined [FISHING] Fishing Outfit piece every 1k fishes fished [SMITHING] Blacksmith Outfit piece every 1k ores smelted.{not items smithed, arm or weps etc) [COOKING] Sous Chef Outfit piece every 1k food cooked Cooking Gauntlets 500 pieces of food cooked [WOODCUTTING] Lumberjack Clothing piece every 1k logs cut [FIREMAKING] Ring of fire at 1k logs burned Flame gloves at 2k logs burned Inferno adze at 3k logs burned [CRAFTING] Artisan's outfit piece every 1k items crafted [FLETCHING] Fletcher's Outfit piece every 1k logs fletched [RUNECRAFTING] Master Runecrafter Robes piece every 1k runes crafted Every 2500 essence used to create a single type of rune you get that specific rune's talisman staff. (So 2500 pure essence used to create death runes would give you a death talisman staff.) [THIEVING] Black Ibis Outfit piece every 1k thieved at stalls [HERBLORE] Botanist's Outfit piece every 1k potions made [FARMING] Farmers Outfit piece every 1k patchs picked [AGILITY] Agile Outfit piece every 250/500 agility course laps completed [SUMMONING] Shaman's Outfit piece every 1k pouches made [DIVINATION] Diviner's Outfit every 1k wisps collected _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now there are other outfits/items in game to help you with exp in skills also such as: Sentinel outfit for woodcuting/firemaking Fury Shark for fishing(faster fishing, chance to save bait, and option to consume all fish with head) Ethereal for runecrafting Slayer ring for double slayer points -Sincerely, Mcflyy