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  1. Invention so I can sell my incandes energy and make bank, and a side of fries. Also if the ice cream machine is working I'd like a McFlurry with oeros
  2. I like the variety in the armors. Why would phats not be the top rank doe?
  3. You will be missed. Thanks for all you've done for us
  4. So wait you aren't upset about divine locations being in sof, which is the main method used to get 99 farming and hunter, but proteans are what have you up in arms?
  5. Do you honestly think money influenced this update in any way?
  6. congrats!
  7. Why did you stop pming me on skype for months?
  8. Hey

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay
  9. What if we flipped the idea on it's head, and had a competition for players to organize certain events? Give the players a topic, like PVM, and see who can gather as many people as possible within a week or month? Would promote community involvement and could do bonus points for organizing something unique.
  10. If we bring in off-hands, we need off-hand range weapons as well. We have orbs and books for mage, so adding melee off-hands would be pushing range out of it.
  11. Misc/Junk Divination Divine Locations Woodcutting/Fletching/Crafting Hunter Fishing/Cooking Mining/Smithing Farming/Herblore As you can see, I keep the corresponding skill outfits in each of my skills tabs, instead of in one large outfit tab. Just something different I don't see many people do
  12. I voted in favor of all 3, but still have to give an opinion on it? I am a degenerate who has a gambling addiction, look at my csgo inventory history. So yeah I want to gamble. That's my input
  13. Electro swing is where its at boiiii
  14. My all time favorite song Majestic by Wax Fang It's so beautiful