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  1. Welcome to Atar. hope you enjoy it here, good luck with your in-game endeavors! Any help pm one of the staff team
  2. Hope you enjoy your rank, glad you'll be staying around! ONELOVENOBUY
  3. Hope you recover Yung Saz, been nice to talk too ya when I've had the chance. Really nice person wish you all the best. Ever need a chat HMU!!
  4. Niceone Mcflyy!
  5. Watched the whole video, you're telling me! Obviously a farewell this is not, So cya around Jaedsaks Been a pleasure to work with you on occasions during my staff time, nice geezer shite accent
  6. Didnt you log onto hohens account though? after the account was ip banned? Knowing this would be an adversion of punishment and accountable by a ban. By obviously i might of got the wrong situation here. Sad to see another person leave on these circumstances goodluck madood
  7. Welcome man ;0
  8. Hope your situation get's better. I'll still see you in NSFW so chittychatchat
  9. Welcome Wyatt. Hope you enjoy your stay here man
  10. YESYES HIXXY! Congratulations brother, Hope it all goes swimmingly for you, i'll come for the baptism can't remember what u wet the baby's head with but i'll bring a bottle of the finest bourbon. Good luck my man.
  11. Welcome Layne. Hope you enjoy your stay here dude
  12. Congratulations, always nice to see who has been awarded these.
  13. God bless you Dreas! Sad to see the giveaway but it'll give the new players a chance at some decent gear
  14. Welcome Dylan, hope you enjoy your stay here!
  15. Nice. Good work cjay and others involved.