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  1. Welcome Johan, hope you enjoy your stay here
  2. Hey

    Welcome, Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  3. Ah man, always sad to see someone leave, good luck in your future endeavours dude
  4. Nice work VR4, you're doing very well. I think the small things are what matter and TBH you do try your best to sort everything down to the small things + I like you as a person which is always a bonus. Keep it up!
  5. I would really like to see you get 1K Vorago KC? 500 Nex drop loot tab 1B Herb
  6. THIS IS MAJOR AND SO LONGED FOR! We all knew it would be delivered! Thank you to all those involved with this patch. I know it's been hard. We all thank you as much as humanly possible! Thanks for putting up with the constant asks and general enquiries
  7. Good luck new support(s)
  8. Welcome to Ataraxia Nick. Hope you enjoy your stay here, any questions ask in the friends chat or the staff.
  9. Very, very nice. Cannot wait for this.
  10. Welcome Bart nice to see you on forums bro.
  11. Hope you enjoy your time here and this also becomes one of you most loved games to be involved with!
  12. I am hoping to see a lot of correspondence from the community on this post. As I know a load of people have been jabbing at our combat system. So It's nice to see that this topic has been made, also that it's up for a community wide debate so we can entice more ideas and opinions on how we can make this more user friendly for everyone! Thanks VR4 & Kris.
  13. Good luck indeed, Ive stayed a skiller for majority of my time except for the 99 slay bit. My dung is mainly lamps Dont get discourgaged, keep at it, if you need any help along the way I'll help you out Hope to see more of this thread!
  14. Welcome back then
  15. Welcome to Ataraxia. Hope you will enjoy your stay here as many others have been!