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  1. IGN: Lukee Gonna miss you bud hope the health issues clear up <3
  2. Reserved For Screenshots c:
  3. so hyped then saw it was reserved, y u do dis
  4. I Thought i'd make a thread of my current goals here on Ataraxia (also not just to help me remember or anything) Item Goals: Nex Sets: --Torva-- Torva Full Helm Torva Platebody Torva Platelegs Torva Gloves Torva Boots --Pernix-- Pernix Cowl Pernix Body Pernix Chaps Pernix Gloves Pernix Boots Zaryte Bow --Virtus-- Virtus Mask Virtus Robe Top Virtus Robe Legs Virtus Gloves Virtus Boots Virtus Wand Virtus Book Drygores: Drygore Mace Drygore Longsword Drygore Rapier Noxious Weapons: Noxious Scythe Noxious Longbow Noxious Staff Sigils/Spirit Shields: Divine Spirit Shield Elysian Spirit Shield Arcane Spirit Shield Spectral Spirit Shield Divine Sigil Elysian Sigil Arcane Sigil Spectral Sigil Skilling Goals: 120 Attack 120 Strength 120 Defence 120 Ranged 120 Prayer 120 Magic 120 Runecrafting 120 Construction 120 Dungeoneering 120 Constitution 120 Agility 120 Herblore 120 Thieving 120 Crafting 120 Fletching 120 Slayer 120 Hunter 120 Mining 120 Smithing 120 Fishing 120 Cooking 120 Firemaking 120 Woodcutting 120 Farming 120 Summoning Killcount Goals: Nex: 169/250 Corporeal Beast: 39/500 Kalphite King: 145/500 Araxxor: 105/250 Tormented Demons: 191/1000 Glacor: 364/5000
  5. This Introduction is long overdue and most of you already know me but hey why not? My Real name is Luke and it's been around 2 months since i first joined this server I've no lifed it to no end and already have a total of 458hours played (not my fault its addicting) I Currently reside in sydney, Australia and for all of those wondering, yes we do have dropbears and we do ride kangaroos to school. I'm not big on posts and all that so that's me done, if you have anything else you want to know just pm me