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  1. Welcome Arteezy (babyrage) hue hope u enjoy your stay bud
  2. Wish you all the best James, your videos is what got me into Ataraxia in the first place. Take care bud
  3. Best of luck with everything you got going on Irl DJ Riley. you the real mc
  4. Welcome to the community Wyatt, glad to see some more forum dudes around here
  5. Always sad to see people go, but with a kid on the way, I strongly believe you're making the right decision Good luck on your future endeavours buddy!
  6. Saw you around a couple times back in the day, welcome back
  7. one of my best pals on here, sad to see you go, but we all have to go our own separate ways at one point.. stay in touch, much love
  8. Welcome bud
  9. Paying out the winners:
  10. List of winners of the forum giveaway, and their prizes: 1st winner: Kimchilove - 1500 Raw Rocktails & 3000 Magic Logs 2nd winner: Anarchy4 - 4000 Coal, 5000 Mithril and 3000 Corrupted Ore. 3rd winner: Kyam - 1500 Super Magic Potions. 4th winner: Shadee - 1500 Super Attacks/Defence/Strength Potions. 5th winner: Flaik - 1500 Noxious Arrows. 6th winner: Gothic - 375m Cash. 7th winner: SilverNova - 375m Cash. Grand Prize Winner: Lukee - Noxious Scythe. Pm me on forums or on Discord to recieve your prize, there will be no expiration or anything, so just let me know when you have time. And I'll do my best to get to you as fast as I possibly can. Thanks for coming guys, was a blast.
  11. Giveaway starts ingame in a few minutes time, also I will random.org the winners from this this forum thread giveaway as soon as I'm done giving away all my ingame items. So if you want to participate, now is the time to come online!
  12. I'm going to have to ask forgiveness, life has gotten in the way for me today. Not been feeling too great and I just got home from being rushed to the hospital. So I'm just going to set the date for the giveaway tomorrow at 17:00 CEST! Hopefully this still means that most of you can come, I'm really sorry for having to postpone it. It was just out of my hands today.
  13. Really appreciate the kind words lads and gals, means a lot
  14. GIVEAWAY WILL START SUNDAY THE 1ST OF OCTOBER AT 17:00 CEST! Hello, some of you may remember me. I used to play Ataraxia a couple months ago. Quite recently I've lost my motivation for RuneScape in general, and my health irl isnt looking too great. I've been sitting on a stack of items ingame, which I've decided to give away. Please vote on the poll when I should host this, it will be this weekend, on either the 30th of September, or the 1st of October. Sorry for such a short heads up, but I doubt I'll have another chance to host this in the future, so here goes. Also, everyone who replies to this topic with their ingame name included, I will add, and host a private giveaway for. So if you want to increase your chances of winning something, please reply to this thread with your ingame name. YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE 2HR+ PLAY TIME ON THE ACCOUNT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GIVEAWAY (THIS IS TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM MAKING ALT ACCOUNTS JUST TO GET MORE ITEMS) I just wanted to thank you all for the great times, I truly made friends for life here, but all things come to an end, sadly. Thanks for reading, and see you on the giveaway! Items ill be giving away: (I may find more items to add to this)