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  1. I'm on discord 24/7 mostly, under the name 'snow'. PM me on there whenever you want some assistance with your settings
  2. My auto setup for OBS was 360p 30fps with 2,5k bitrate. I can do 720p 60fps with 3.5k+ bitrate no issue, so I'm sure he can get some better results after messing with it a bit.
  3. Good to see more content creators come along, but I'm gonna have to agree with Kris, the quality is pretty shit. You streaming/recording with OBS? if so, I can help you with some options to make it a little more crisp
  4. I'd honestly love an Ironman series. Really enjoyable to me.
  5. I'd love to see Elite & Superior Void. I posted a topic a while ago on how this could be added.
  6. Good luck to the new staff members, and those to come
  7. congrats on your promotion @Tom. sad to see you leave @Aeso & @Tranquility.
  8. Thanks for all the kind words everyone
  9. good lord, very impressive
  10. Hello everybody. As some of you know, my playtime has dropped drastically over the past month(s). This is simply because my body is kind of failing, both of my legs are close-to non functional at this point, my back is another story. I've been having these issues since I started in my new line of work back in February, and they've slowly but surely developed into whatever it is that I have today. At this point I'm very unsure what the future holds, but best case scenario is that I can keep pushing myself, and hopefully I'll heal. I'd just like to let all of you know why I suddenly just dissappeared. Cheers
  11. Welcome
  12. What is the issue?: Enhanced Fire Cape does not have 'equip' option. (you need to go into the gear interface to be able to equip it.)
  13. Welcome bud
  14. Subbed and ready for another
  15. Best of luck