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  1. Welcome! As for what you should do first... Uhhhh.. well! Start player owned ports on day 1 : D vote every 12hrs, 15vote points = dharok or karils set, which is pretty good on ironman, dung also is a good one to go with... and on my ironman i was going for 2250 total level to get into prif, its a nice goal to have
  2. What is the issue?: Summoning obelisk at plat zone isnt working... At all. What is the issue?: I dont think the 1.20x ( 20%) xp boost at platzone works for skills, might work for the objects there but something like fletching doesnt get boosted By the 20% i dont think What is the issue?: Not sure if this is intentional but ring of death effect does not work in kiln at all i believe What is the issue?: recolouring on cosmetic overrides is really quite glitchy at times like when you go to recolour your outfit and you choose the colour and then when you press the button to choose that colour, the game just says fuck no and goes to comp cape interface and changes your comp cape colour... ? Relogging seemd to fix that from happening again but ye... thats kind of annoying What is the issue?: Staff of darkness doesnt have the 12.5% ( 1/8chance ) of saving runes when casting spells, also missing a special attack.
  3. There was that one hcim who had like 1800 total lvl and snixie murderd him at wildy course rip : (
  4. Holy shit, i got the body on 4kc at hydrix dragons... god damn o_ o nice vid tho
  5. Im very much against this, i think xp modes should be just a thing people choose for challenge and slight benefit not something that people should be tempted to play on for the benefits... which is shit. However i will still go over the ideas you had... 1. Sir owen's longsword: i think everyone knows what server we're talking about... And i miss this weapon, it was very fun to use. I wouldnt mind seeing this one as it wasnt that overpowered, it should however have rune scimitar or dragon scimitar stats and be dart/knife speed but for melee, would be really fun weapon for slayer 2. Unlimited prayer / slower prayer drain: No. Just no. There is a perk on ;;store that slows your prayer drain down By 25% and its a 10$ perk, you do not deserve to get it for free for being on a certain xp mode, you just dont. Also i think this belongs more to suggestions then general discussion but eh? Not a big deal
  6. I hope everything goes well with your arm mate when you come back i think there will be aton of new things you can do ingame so... Ye
  7. - Divination to skill tab This confuses so many new players at the moment and it just looks terrible on task tab - Invention to skill tab ( For future use ) Adding invention to skill tab would be good for future use, it could have "not added yet" when you go over the skill tab with your mouse - Bank presets I need this in my life. Bank presets are so damn nice but i'd imagine that they are quite hard to add on a 718 since interface work - Comp cape colour presets Being able to just choose 1 preset at the side of the comp interface and it changing the colours to what you had chosen would be so good - Virtual levels Would make going for 120s alot more intresting, ofcourse the virtual levels would have a toggle - Finishing up divination Divination at the current moment is so half assed, like its hardly coded... You can train it, you can make div locations and thats it - New magic animations The current magic animations and gfx when casting spells are so outdated, they arent the rs3 ones but instead they are the old 718 ones... New ones would be alot more intresting - Finishing up prifddinas Voice of seren doesnt work, that would be a nice addition to prifddinas Harmony pillars dont work Serenity posts dont work
  8. Welcome Also im not trying to be mean here im just curious... who are you? I dont think i've ever seen you before and you become admin just like that, just wondering
  9. Wahey.
  10. O wat, i got mentioned : P Very cool Gz zsr tho!
  11. This patch note will be fucking massive...
  12. Damn :l I knew it was coming tbh... 7
  13. Fuck, you right... Im sorry i left it out when making the post for some reason... Am slightly retarded. And I HIGHLY doubt you can sell p ess 5-6k each... before you could sell them 5k each fast and 7k if you waited ye i cant sell d hatchets for that price, and even 500k is like shit for a d hatchet... considering the price they were before I EDITED THE BONE THING TO THE POST, sorry about that
  14. Ye, it was immature... But you cant say its not true, legit anyone could do dks. lvl 5 with 43prayer? go dks. 1 in every stat? No problemo, just train at dks Im not bashing anyone, im just saying that its retarded as fuck to say that they are "relatively easy" why try to sugar coat it?they are EASY AS FUCK. Dragon hatchets are way too cheap, you cant even sell em for like 500k each... Like before they sold for millions before, "you used to make money from it" some money from it ye, not alot because you know... before you couldnt just afk dks to get stacks of d hatchets. I know it wasnt the main sourse of money from dks, it was more of an added bonus to them I remember when p ess was like 5-7k each so... Idk why you are just flatout lying about it not being "far lower" when it very clearly is, and will continue to get lower as time goes on. Only reason why coal is being bought alot, is because of clumsy having a massive collection of it, i guarantee that if he wasnt buying coal... There would be ALOT less people buying it, but what about the other ores? Cant even sell mithril 7.5k each, cant sell addy for 10k each, havent tried runite ore because that honestly isnt that effected as rex drops very little of them You're just gonna completely go past the bones price thing? like just ignore it? cool. You could code the spynolyps differendly aswell... Like: - Have them be on the surface of the water really often - have them hit you where ever you are on the arena 1. Im not completely against this idea, but i think just making dks harder would solve the high amount of potions coming ingame as they are consumables, eventually they will exist the game 2. Pretty good idea tbh 3. I think the prayer draining thing would be nice, as that way people with blood furies + vamps couldnt just afk anyways