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  1. All boss pets
  2. Not the real arteezy #dota2
  3. Wasnt he banned like 4 months ago?
  4. Sad to see you go drea's, will miss you <3
  5. welcome to the server, good luck on your iron man
  6. Nice video, really enjoy listening to you and hope you make a lot more future vids
  7. i dont know what connection those 2 have but its not normal
  8. clean yourself from saltyness -another 5000 rune dragons -100 rots kills cough join my team cough..
  9. welcome back, look forward to seeing some fruity vids
  10. do you have the aura perk, if you do, this is supposed to happen..
  11. whats the issue?: effigy and dragon kin lamp xp doesn't scale to game mode xp, making them useless drop(especially if you already have the effigy sack) what is the issue?: squeal of fortune lamps also dont scale.......
  12. very nice guide jaedmo
  13. Welcome to the server, seem like an awesome addition to the community !
  14. If your a client developer. I'm sure we would all appreciate the screen split issue being fixed, while playing on max graphics my screen often splits in to 2 screens nearly every minute, forcing me to play on min graphics while bossing I also feel invention would help the economy alot...
  15. god damn it, not this plebbion again....