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  1. in-game Name: Kyam Age: 20 Hours played: 760H on Kyam, Maybe 100 on alts Activity on beta: Wide margin , depends on my irl schedule Notes : I've had beta access before and found quite a few bugs, So I won't just be PvMing in op gear, I'll do bit more
  2. Goodluck on the future man, I went through same thing with RS little bit ago actually ~ Kyam
  3. Taking a break/quitting Ataraxia, Can't get into it anymore feels like something is missing to keep interest and i just can't find that thing.
  4. Thinking of slowly going for gemstone gear myself, Look forward to seeing how bad my lucks gonna be
  5. Looking forward to this boss just hope it doesn't kill scythe
  6. Pretty decent loot, I wanna try the other GWD2 bosses . Only done helwyr
  7. Hey Cjay Would like to see Shortcuts/Guthix staff special attack, and just random small stuff to make game feel nicer, Balancing of weapons, Maybe like dreadnips, Living Wyverns, And i really would like seeing new interfaces for loadstones, Divination get added to skills tab Oh and auras forgot about them.. auras are nice, OR do you still got the NXT you showed a while back, Raids?
  8. Mostly interested in Hardmode Vorago , Didn't expect that.
  9. I've been playing RSPS/RS for about 7 years now and grown very bored of the RS style now so i'm gonna take a break/quit sometihng like that. Nothing against the server I'm doing a 1-28 Goodiebag just put a number in here. Prizes are like Nox staff/asc/cash/random stuff from bank. No same numbers plz Gonna undye the Ascension/Noxious staff lol also wont be in this order so can't pick 13 for asc might be rocktails Also if not all numbers are picked i'm just gonna drop the remaining @ home 4,7,9,10,12,18, 20 Are gone
  10. Excalibur from hard plz
  11. Looks nice
  12. Hehe quite famous igor
  14. Could go either way, I'd say go for it but i'm only veteran so 120 isn't really a problem, the experts would have the worse