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  1. Super excited!!
  2. Congrats Ryan! No doubt you will do great as always!
  3. Thanks! Nice work!
  4. I would give accounts the option to reset Dungeoneering. So people can decided for themselves. (Same as resetting Combat Stats) Although this may seem pointless, some people might enjoy the idea of training dungeoneering again the new way as opposed to the old for there own reasons. I would say yes to resetting, but only if i didn't have sympathy for Ironmen and Experts.
  5. Welcome! Im down for a chat or to assist you any time!
  6. Goodluck! and see you in game :3
  7. :(

    Get better bud! You have all of our Support! (No Pun Intended)
  8. Hey guys and girls! So i recently changed game modes from IronMan to Veteran (Although i changed between Expert, Intermediate and Veteran about 8 times trying to decide) I just want people to understand why! So basically here is a small list of reasons. I am a competitive player, and love competition between others... the Ironman (regular) high scores are pretty much dead. The only competition i had was Swish and Reese, and it was getting kinda boring. Trading... Okay, so of course i love not being able to trade, it made me feel accomplished, as I had earned every item i had, however, being a Server Support at the moment, I have been asked to middle-man and price check inventories on multiple occasions. My change in game mode no longer makes this a hassle. (I will still being playing with an Ironman style for sure, the only difference is i will be selling items on the G.E, because Money :3 ) I failed some personal goals i had originally set for my account, the major one being my average Exp per hour, and although this could have been fixed over time, but it added to the reasoning none the less. (2m exp per hour was my goal, and I hit 1b exp with 540 Hours) Rare items! I've never personally owned a party hat, or Santa hat or anything nice like that, and I would like to! Obviously an Ironman account would not be able to earn it in a legitimate manner. Bug Abuse... Although this is patched now, there was recently a problem with Iron men being able to loot people they kill in the wilderness. I can't tell who may have or may have not abused this, so it has made my whole outlook on Ironman Mode a bit sketchy. Peer pressure from Ryan because he is a pleb. Overall it is good to try new things! I maxed out all my levels on Ironman mode and saw all it had to offer! Bring on the new challenge! I hope everyone supports my decision! Except Swish because he might get bored without me on his tail I enjoyed my time as an ironman and look forward to making it to the top age of the Veteran High scores soon! See you in Game! Osu
  9. Nice!
  10. Congrats!!
  11. Nice work! Love it!