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  1. Congrats Keenan! And good work to all those mentioned!! Tyler.
  2. Re-invite plz? <3 Tyler.
  3. Congratulations Soren! Big congrats to Alex the inhuman, as stated.. he is a machine that does not rest and dedicates 99% of his life to ataraxia and 1% to alchohol... he doesn't relent. Mega congratulations to jaedmo, well deserved and already does an insane amount of community engagement, just about the only person that can fill clumsys large shoes that he has left, I'm sure you'll do amazing Sorry to see you step down clums, i understand the work peice as im experiencing it massively at the moment (and illness also)... but thank you for everything you have done and i hope to enagage with you more in game as a player and steal some of your insane exp gaining methods ... thank you again. Tyler.
  4. Congratulations jaedmo!! Thank you for everything you've done as staff clums!!Will be interesting to see you in game racking up all the exps again! Tyler.
  5. Very nice and interesting to see, thanks Stan <3 Tyler.
  6. Some thoughts from me: 1. An hour's played competition (total amount of hours online during set period) i imagine there would be a way for admin+ to veiw this info? 2. Total positive forum feedback (hitting those forum highscores for positive input) reducing pointless posts and encouraging some decent content on forums and increased forums activity. 3. Recruitment drive ( having someone post saying ' X recruited me to ataraxia) and seeing who can 'recruit' the most new players (obviously this would all have to be cross referenced and up checked) but would benefit the server massively. 4. Assistance drive (assisting a player with anything.. skilking/pvm/help in any form) and having that player say ' X assisted me with this' ... this would have to be directly helping someone and going out of your way.. not just a typical 'do this' but actually taking the person and doing it with them. But this would strengthen the community and build relationships. 5. Screenshotted drop logs from revenants/chaos ellie... this would encourage wilderness activity and bring about a pker community to the server... only the PvP armours and totems would count as a drop... but this would definitely be enjoyable (whilst not being a direct pk event) More to come. Tyler.
  7. Congratulations all round! And glad to see ^ that your still as cheerful as ever josh! brilliant player <3 hopefully tom (I play heaps) is back with us shortly! another brilliant player! I feel your pain lucario, IRL can be a pain, thank you for all you have done as staff! Tyler.
  8. Suh

    Very nice detailed intro! Welcome to the server buddy! And don't worry we have plenty of 'dutchies' Tyler.
  9. Bro-ette* I beleive Tyler.
  10. Welcome buddy, hope you find your stay as enjoyable as we all Do! If you need anything just ask in the f2f, everyone's very helpful Tyler.
  11. Congratulations all round, and sorry to see Panda and Phippz go, hopefully see them online once in a while when IRL permits <3 Thank you for all you guys do/have done! Tyler.
  12. Very nice as always <3 Tyler.
  13. Beast <3 Amazing updates as always <3 Tyler.
  14. Apologies, I haven't been active enough this month to post feedback, but I do hope all staff receive fair and constructive feedback! And I truly believe you all do a brilliant job! Tyler.
  15. Congratulations!! Pleased for you buddy! A very fitting predecessor! Amazing contributions to the server aswell as some top notch suggestions! Keep it up <3 @Jaedmo I wasn't close to keeping my crown? <3 aha Big congrats once again and hope to see some of the other names who were close get it in the near future, amazing month for ataraxia with some quality players remaining commited <3 Tyler.