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  1. Slap my face with a baguette
  2. reserved (will edit for memes)
  3. *That saks, that really saks ahh*
  4. Welcome Barterino Some1 hopes to see you enjoying the server
  5. reserved bump
  6. http://ataraxia-rsps.wikia.com/wiki/Ataraxia_Wiki @Nobuyuki Good luck ...
  7. k we get it Good luck irl naneek, you will be missed
  8. Welcomee back w0w boii
  9. Gz @Josh well deserved nutella frog
  10. Will deffo miss you hell, one of the chillest person around.. Farewell n good-luck w the rest of your lyf Ugh hell out my face m8 edit: Kinda hoped 2 see you back in the staff team rip </3
  11. Nice video josh, really nice. lol'd AF Hope to see more vids like this indafuture
  12. Welcome to the Forums fatty
  13. Welcomeee back teddy long time no see
  14. Gz Naneek, good luck w/ mod life
  15. Gratz @Ariana thank me bsh