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  1. sure you did
  2. ye, snix and i fucking resogmed lol
  3. Welcome Aaarteezy, you will never see me online
  4. ur 2 boose with other games i is bet
  5. Sad2c u go hixxy, but there is a dinosaurus coming good luck w the roast(rest) of your lyf
  6. SAAAAAAAAAAAAAD to C you go frérot (sorry for making an emoji of your head)
  7. Slap my face with a baguette
  8. reserved (will edit for memes)
  9. *That saks, that really saks ahh*
  10. Welcome Barterino Some1 hopes to see you enjoying the server
  11. reserved bump
  12. http://ataraxia-rsps.wikia.com/wiki/Ataraxia_Wiki @Nobuyuki Good luck ...
  13. k we get it Good luck irl naneek, you will be missed
  14. Welcomee back w0w boii
  15. Gz @Josh well deserved nutella frog