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  1. I support you Syno best of luck. Piggybank is fat
  2. Names Noah people in game know me as Dagannoth Rex (I've not quit will be returning soon) I joined the server back in September I believe. I'm 27 yes I know I'm old however I look young. Enjoy working out, running and love running around with my 1 year old son. <--another reason why I haven't played much recently. I just separated the military in November and was a Heavy Aircraft maintainer. Now I just work as a Contractor on base. I played runescape when it first came out however when I joined he military I stopped playing when I was getting ready to leave the military I had the bug to play but couldn't enjoy the EOC so I found Ataraxia and it's been a blast. I look forward to playing with everyone and like I said I will be playing again soon. Just been busy at work.
  3. Event is postponed I was involved in a minor car accident and have been in the hospital for about a week now. Nothing majorly wrong Nebraskan Drivers suck at the very first sight of icy roads -.- public safety announcement.
  4. Great job as usual to the Team look forward to all the fixed items, and all the changes. Flask Decanter whooopwhooop