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  1. Hell no lol. Anyone saying yes clearly hasn't spent 100+ hours in there. Implementing real dung is already bad enough, screwing the current warrior also. Let our exp be. Don't ask players to level up and gain/achieve levels when you just plan to reset whenever you feel like implementing something new. -1, Hell no.
  2. I hate eoc and all of its non sense, also hate offhands No from me, rather play this version of runescape instead of some revised legacy/eoc version ish, i like the server the way it is
  3. @bunny ears Exactly my words. No to any of this. #1 very much against dicing, that's a community drain, everyone knows it. It would simply be.. stupid to implement it in this type of server. A beautiful community who work for their items will be driven to nothing. Dicers will overtake everything. Ressources, rares, op gear. You name it, dicers will control it. 2-3 players will hold 70% if not more of the complete wealth. Players will no longer be able to make money efficiently from skilling etc due to dicers have a HUGE advantage in merching. Lots of money means lots to risk. Lots to risk means BIG income. The rich will get richer. The poor will stay poor. This is not the community to bring dicing into. I've seen it too many times fuck great servers up. #2 the NPC. I wouldn't like this either but if it was to be added, i wouldn't mind it too much, with certain changes. Rares. These are items rarely put into the economy which gives players something to work for, they should be hard to obtain and they should mean something. Would i be against seeing them in that NPC? No. What I would mind? DISCONTINUED ITEMS being put in there. That sir, is inconsiderate of your old players. They shouldn't be tradeable in the first place. They are not a RARE they are much more special. They should not be put back into the economy. At one point EVERYONE could get them. Those who did, achieved this. They were there, they deserved this item. They did SOMETHING for it. These are EVENT items. They should not be considered rares in no way whatsoever. Yes I do have a pair of these famous bunny ears. And any player who played back then could of had them for FREE also. BUT they were not THERE. I was. These are the pros of being long term members of a community. You get items, you get events, you get things. Which overtime become special, because you had to be THERE AT THAT POINT IN TIME TO OBTAIN THEM. Taking this status away from the item, is a complete lack of respect for any veteran player, who was there during those times. Weather there is 2 pairs, or 20. They should keep their meaning. And that my friends, the meaning is "I WAS THERE BACK THEN" Taking that meaning away, inconsiderate, disrespectful. NOT community driven. As @bunny ears has mentioned, and boy do I love his sense of community. There are literally thousands of potential items you can make special to new players. And guess what. When you discontinue those items you put in there say every 3 months, those players who succeeded to obtain them, will have this status "I WAS THERE" 6 months later. it's Pride, it's meaning, it's status. WE WERE THERE. Simple as that. You have so much potential in items, you do not need to put discontinued items back into the economy. I'm pretty sure any veteran player would agree to this, if not, probably because they didn't bother gathering those special items back then. Thanks for reading. ~Mafia