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  1. I have bubbles! good list so far! time to grind out some agility for that monkey.
  2. Congratulations, to all! best of luck @Keenan and @Aeso with the staff positions! Both of you deserved it. look after yourself @Kieran, thank you for your service.
  3. Look after yourself Noele, don't worry about the server/community in anyway as you can see we are all here to support you. you have the best staff team right now, so please focus on looking after yourself! Best of luck with the surgery and the recovery Noele!
  4. I'm glad to see you return old friend! looking forward to seeing you in game again.
  5. (Wanted to edit my last post instead of double posting, but couldn't find an edit option on iOS) go ahead man! I'd love to share my experiences and will probably open a thread in media and post shit tonnes of photos I've taken etc so far there for anyone interested.
  6. Haha, it was a little hectic at first as I had 0% language knowledge. But I have honestly enjoyed it a lot and recommend it to anyone that's interested in a gap year. Will be sad to go back to Aus in feb 2018.
  7. Hey all! Some of you may know me, or may have seen me online. To those who don't know me; my names Joshua (ign: King Arthur), I have played this server for quite some time but have been very inactive as of late. I have recently decided to try to come back and be as active as I can due to the client update and finding out an old friend on here has returned. A little about me: I'm originally from Australia, moved to Japan in August of 2016 and am a teacher of English as a foreign language. I like to xp waste and just bankstand all day. My hobby is to go for long ass walks on my days off from work, I recently did a 38km walk from my house to Tokyo. Im always happy for a chat, if you need help feel free to ask and I'll try to help as much as possible. I hope to meet as many of you as possible and find more old friends from the reign of Vodka period. 宜しくお願いします! (I hope to get along!)
  8. Gotta say everytime i pop my head back into Ataraxia it changes so much. glad to see its still around and being well looked after. Good job noele, jaedmo and team!