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  1. Buddy fix the things you need to do, we will be waiting for your return
  2. Sad to see you go, however real life is a priority do what u need to do and when you find time come back to us <3
  3. Damn these are some huge gains good work
  4. Yall getting drops within 50 kc and stuff. Are ya tryin to make me salty? Lel jk. Congrats
  5. Gongrats cook
  6. Sadly i wasn't able to participate, however i heard alot of positive feedbacks on the event, and its quite surprising because most of the time we get alot of negative feedbacks towards events. All i can say is great job hosting it
  7. Thats some nice rng right there
  8. Ayee thanks <3
  9. Wow seeing some realistic goals is refreshing ever once in a while. Good luck bruh.
  10. Will need to get that comp t back. Im in.
  11. Damn nice one aless, that will help alot to mac users.
  12. What happened to 1k solo rago energies?
  13. Vorago is an ungratefull beyotch. Im done with that unloyal hoe. :^(