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  1. Having worked closely with Kris on a lot of the new content, I will try and address some of what he didn't respond to you about. Warpriest is bad. Really bad. There is a reason it's just free components on RS. It is, at best, a t70 hybrid armor. It used to be good for magic because it was broken in the same way dragon rider was broken, in that its hybrid stats did not fit what kind of stats hybrid armor has. It is useless because hybrid armor, especially low lvl hybrid armor, is not very useful except in very few situations. I don't see what you are talking about with dragons, I just tested them in t80 gear with miasmic instead of the elemental weakness, and still got good acc on bronze through steel. Mith and addy were less acc and slower, as befits high level high defense monsters. Dragons are notorious for being one of the slowest and most annoying slayer tasks, and thus why many choose to block them. This hasn't changed. Making all NPCs melee-able would ruin much of dungeoneering. It is designed around multiple combat styles. Melee gear is actually the hardest gear to get, as it is the most expensive resource in the shop. Melee and range are a pretty standard setup for binds in dung, and work well for the vast majority of dungeoneering. Many of the mechanics for bosses utilize the combat triangle, thus forcing you to be smart and bring hybrid gear, or work with your team to defeat the boss. I personally find ROTS a bit underpowered, as it is too easy to tank mechanics instead of avoiding them. The change to remove familiars was well needed, as they were much more powerful than they should have been. I do think the droprate is too high as well, but................ ROTS is about knowing the mechanics inside and out, not just spamming brews to get you by. Needing to switch gear to do different monsters with different weaknesses well is a part of the game. Being able to steamroll everything in one setup was exactly part of the problem. Spending 1 minute regearing every 30-60 min is not the end of the world.
  2. As you constantly relaunch client in expectation
  3. When you decide to come back just as the update is being pushed.
  4. With the imminent release of the new client, one of the major updates that will come with it is full dungeoneering. One part of this dungeoneering update is new trimmed completionist requirements, named to have acquired all of the journals and pages from dungeoneering. In order to find all of the pages and reclaim our capes, I am forming a group for dungeoneering, with the purpose of fulfilling the trimmed completionist requirement. The current plan, which may change, goes as follows: 1. Gear up. Part of acquiring the pages will require killing lots of mobs, so gear is essential. Right now, I believe range will be the best option, especially a Hexhunter bow if that is added. Melee will be alright, but likely a secondary weapon as it will take time to run into melee distance of enemies. This isn't really specific to this group, so you can do it on your own, with other people, or we can all do this together, as the requirements for this group will guarantee good party members. 2. 5-man c1 clearing. C1 rushing is good for pages, but I want to start with 5-man clearing because there are pages that are extremely rare drops from any mob in dungeoneering. 3. Solo/duo c1 rushing. Solo c1 rushing is effective for doing dungeons fast, but due to the simple branching nature of c1 dungeons, duo may be more effective if keys are shared with the party as on rs3. Requirements: Must meet requirements to claim the Completionist Cape Must have a general familiarity with and knowledge of rs dungeoneering and how the journal pages work While these seem like high requirements, keep in mind that the sole goal of this group is the trimmed completionist requirement, nothing else. We will not care about xp, as we are already 120, nor tokens, as we likely already have large amounts of tokens from 120 dungeoneering. To make this simpler and faster, we also want 99 all stats to met any possible skill requirements as well kill mobs as fast as possible. 120 dungeoneering unlocks all floors, which is required as certain pages are only obtainable on certain floors. This requirement list may change depending on feedback, demand, and possible changes in strategy. Joining: This is an informal group, as the Noel fc is obvious a main communication method on the server, and many of us have our own clans we are in. Just make a reply below, and I will add you a list of members on this forum post. Check up here once in a while to see who else you know you can dungeoneering with, and arrange parties mostly on your own as the majority of the time will be spent on the solo/duo phase. Now, this is the current strategy I've come up with for hunting pages, but I would love to hear any feedback, advice, or other information that others have to contribute to this group and achieving it's goal. Also, if this requirement isn't implemented for a month after this post, I'm going to go find the delete account button on the forums. P.S. I have no idea how to make my forum posts not just blocks of white text, so help there would be nice too.
  5. Welcome to Ataraxia! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.