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  1. :insert announcers voice here: Hello Ataraxia! As many of you know I was recently demoted from the staff team, but what you don't know is why I got demoted. Most of you know I have played this server for years, and enjoyed every moment of it. I've been here since the start and I've helped Noele more than most people know about. Noele taught me many things I probably should have never learned however I know it will keep me safe in the future . That is the main reason I enjoyed the server so much because there is a Owner that cares about the server and the players more than anything else. However as we all know with playing games for years comes boredom. That is why I was demoted because in all honestly I became bored of playing. I logged in to support the server and all I did was farm xp and pets "afk for the most part", which I am not a huge fan of going for max xp. I have played this server longer than I have any other game and more hours than any other game. I've did pretty much everything possible In the game plus more. I've gotten comp cape on expert mode as well as 2 hc ironmen. I plan on focusing more on life and other games, however I will always be in discord to chat with you lads as well as help out on the beta server, because I enjoy testing new content. I would be like all the other losers and thank people I played with however the list would be far to long and most of them have allready moved on in life :feelsbadman:. I know many people will say I will come back however I know I won't. I will however pop in every now and again to check on the server. But this is the end of the line for me. However I wish you all the best of luck in playing, and I hope you enjoy the server as much as I did.
  2. no need to quit go for the next title
  3. an ip can own as many accs as they want last i knew noel removed the restriction to trade your own acc so you are good there as well and you can't use the same ip for duo slayer sadly.
  4. There's no way to fix this i'm pretty sure, because it's a bug with how rs3 loads the maps.
  5. welcome to the server bud hope to see you around
  6. welcome to the server we enjoy having you here