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  1. welcome to ataraxia the greatest n best server of the world, tribute. for any1 tht gets that reference i love u
  2. u just fucked urself in tha but by this post
  3. milo. lol 100% he wants u bant just like everyone else m8 no1 likes u just fking quit the game and discord all together u fking pleb
  4. uhmmmm pretty sure on the best friends topic u only got mentioned by noele and me and pretty sure noele wants u bannt too and im just being nice for this one time, so gg m8 @Dice
  5. #CJLIFETIME VOTM and gz maximum <3
  6. :banhammer:
  7. send nudes.
  8. long story short sander:i said ingame i might reset to expert franklin: if u do i join sander:wanna roll a dice? franklin: nah just coinflip in discord just for everyone wondering
  9. NUUU NOT KING RYAN ;,( gl in life though
  10. red prime and primulus also got the herblore pet :3
  11. me and cj (franklin) were bored and started thinking of pickup lines based in runescape etc. some of these are just from google but we thoughd of alot of these ourselves huehue gurl are you playing the eoc? because you know how to push my buttons. gurl are you 99 smithing bc i want to bang your anvil. Are you 99 Attack coz you cant stop hitting on me. Are you 99 Strength coz you dropped my jaw. Are you 99 Defence coz i cant get over you. Are you 99 range coz cupid just shot my heart. Are you 99 prayer coz your an angel. - Are you 80 Magic coz your stunning spell Are you 99 Runecrafting coz Are you 99 Construction coz you build up my hormones. Are you 99 Hitpoints coz my heart cant stop beating. Are you 99 Agility coz your always running on my mind. Are you 99 Thieving coz you just stole my heart. Are you 99 Crafting coz you just made my day. Are you 99 Hunting coz your hunting days are over. Are you 99 Mining coz i think you just picked me. Are you 99 Smithing coz i wanna bang you against that anvil. Are you 99 Fishing coz you got me hooked. Are you 99 Firemaking coz you could ignite our love. Are you 60 Woodcutting coz i love yew. Are you 99 Farming coz your starting to grown on me. Are you 99 summoning cos your charming. Are you 99 Magic coz you got me under your are you 99 slayer? because i cant stop slayin that pussy are you 99 runecrafting? bc youre fat as fuck and should go for a run are you crafting death runes bc i die for you Are you 99 cooking because you know how to rise my dough are you 99 farming cause i would do you everyday are you 99 fletching bc i took your arrow Are you 99 fletching? Because you can string my bow any day. Damn girl, is your Fletching level 99? Because you sure know how to work with my wood! do you have 99 magic? Because you're casting a love spell on me. what size dungeon are you in? because it seems pretty tight Hey girl, do you have 70 attack because I'm into whips Your mom is like the Al Kharid gate.. 10gp entry You must be 99 farming cause you got something growing in my pants girl are you 75 firemaking bc youre hot like magic girl are you doing corp? bc youre divine You're gonna need a stamina pot by the time I'm done with you. I've completed Dragon Slayer and Demon Slayer, but tonight I'd like to be a pussy slayer. I've got 99 construction. Wanna come check out my POH? Going for 99 farming. Can I plant my seed in you are u training herblore bc youre pussy is like poisen Hey baby, are you 63 hunter? Catch me in your box anytime you like Are you a strykewyrm? Cuz I'd like to investigate your mound. girl are you in the dominion tower? bc its only going up Are you a mahogany tree? Because when I cut you, I get hardwood girl youre like dharok when youre low you hit me up Are you 99 agility? cause you've been running through my mind all day and all night. I have 99 prayer girl, get on your knees and I'll show you my blessing are you 99 contitution cuz you know where to hit my points hey are you fishing in priff? bc your juice is crystal clear girl you ran out of prayer, meet me at the lumbridge altar are you wearing swift gloves? bc ive got hit by your arrow twice hey girl iam 96 herblore i will overload ya