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  1. as long u stay in disc im happy
  2. welcome to ataraxia the greatest n best server of the world, tribute. for any1 tht gets that reference i love u
  3. u just fucked urself in tha but by this post
  4. milo. lol 100% he wants u bant just like everyone else m8 no1 likes u just fking quit the game and discord all together u fking pleb
  5. uhmmmm pretty sure on the best friends topic u only got mentioned by noele and me and pretty sure noele wants u bannt too and im just being nice for this one time, so gg m8 @Dice
  6. #CJLIFETIME VOTM and gz maximum <3
  7. send nudes.
  8. long story short sander:i said ingame i might reset to expert franklin: if u do i join sander:wanna roll a dice? franklin: nah just coinflip in discord just for everyone wondering
  9. NUUU NOT KING RYAN ;,( gl in life though