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  1. 1,000 kills at every Godwars boss. <3 and it's nice to see you. it's been a while lol
  2. Ingame Username: Ely Sia N Xp Mode: Veteran Picture(s) of Player Requirements: https://gyazo.com/ccc3b9337d88e95795474fa95d09347f Favourite Bosses: All bosses Highest Boss KC: Dagannoth Supreme - 410 kc (all DKS - 989 kc) Why should we accept you?: Not really doing anything in my own clan of two people, decided to try out seeing how being in a cc is. (hopefully not toxic, and events actively)
  3. Hell yeah I did boys. Random rune crafting in dung lol. First time RCing since skilling pets update
  4. Congrats lol. Honestly that is pretty lucky hahaha. Good luck on the road, hope to see a lot of end game progress eventually
  5. Definitely looking forward to seeing how GW2 will affect the server, and how the PvP related updates affect the wildy. Good work, and I'm super happy to see the dung farming has been fixed. Thank you
  6. Thank you a lot man, it really means a lot to me that older players respect me leaving. Part of the reason I left was because of those newfags that said "see you in a week" and things such as that. I really don't pretty much all of the new players. When I realized that I liked the memories of the server more than the actual server, I realized it was time to move on.
  7. aka just spam brews in almost any gear
  8. I was telling mafia to never forget our lost friend Hunter. I would never get him confused.
  9. I guess this is the last post I will be making with Ataraxia. I ended off my adventure the same way I started it, which is staking. Staking isn't the reason I am quitting, but it is definitely one way I could throw about 65b worth of items (12.5b in gp) back into the economy since I hoarded it all. The real reason why I am quitting is because I want to develop myself as a man and build my life how I always pictured it. Playing games as much as I did doesn't get me there, and only holds me back. Recently I had been away for nearly 2 weeks due to me being away and visiting my family and girlfriend back in Texas. Once I realized that this game was only holding me back I didn't want to play it any more. Don't get me wrong, I have loved everyone from the get-go, but I cannot spend any more time or money playing this game. I really do hope that everyone enjoys their adventure on Ataraxia. As for the staff team, I know there are a few of you that I've been with since Vyrescape and Edelar, and I want to tell you personally that I will miss you all dearly. For the new-coming staff members who are browsing the forums looking for someone to punish and stumble across this old ass post, just know that no matter how toxic the community can get that everyone will love and support you no matter what. And don't forget.... Mafia Rage...... July 19th, 2016...... Never forget our lost friend. Feed my Ego, I've known you for about 5 years in the RSPS scene, and we've always had a mutual support and friendship. You will definitely be missed my friend. I know some of you will be saying that I've donated $2,000+ to the server over the years (which I have) and that I should stay because of that, but In the end I have always been here to support the server. No matter what happens to the server, I hope that it continues to grow and be successful. Noel. I've supported you since day 1 when I had my suspicions in Edelar. I know we've had our rough days and our happy days, but just remember that what you're doing is for the community. Never forget the reason you started this server. I'm honestly really sad to be leaving a server I've been playing for around 3 years. As for my account, it will simply remain untouched. If anyone tries to log into either of my accounts "Ely X" they will be ip-banned since it won't be my IP logging into the account, so don't fuck yourself over. I guess this is it..... Good-bye Ataraxia community.
  10. 19
  11. lmao he only counts episodes that he leaks his username. 5/6 leggo
  12. THANKS YOU LOL I almost forgot about that one. Yes, I won't be staking.
  13. So synonym posted a topic saying he is starting fresh with the goal to get every boss drop by himself. I like this idea, so I said "hey I wanna do this too". I've set out some progress point goals to meet before I can consider my challenge complete, as well as certain restrictions. Like synonym said in his post, he will be keeping supplies such as potions, pouches, a few non tradable gear items etc. (items that would just delay the process of making money by having to acquire these items again). This is the bank at the start of my adventure. Let's start with the restrictions: Cannot buy gear/weapons on the goals list Cannot take part in giveaways/events allowing me to profit unfairly/benefit towards goals Cannot make teams to duo kill monsters in order to get faster boss kills. (If someone crashes me it's fair game) Cannot buy services from players i.e. buying a kiln service to get capes or onyx gems NO STAKING AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER AT ALL NO MATTER WHAT. THIS MEANS I'M DONE STAKING EVERYONE! No use of the donation store to buy SoF spins (some see this as overpowered and unfair, which in this adventure it would be) Perks/cosmetics are allowed I know Synonym is restricting himself from using certain items until he finishes the respective goal, but we're only doing similar ideas not the same. I'll be using anything I have within my bank you see right now to complete my goals. Goals: Every boss drops including acquirable pets 50b in cash (shards) At least 50k of each charm Complete every task in the new tasks system to come out (with proof) I'll probably using a similar spreadsheet as Synonym to track which drops I have and which ones I need, so at the moment I'm just waiting for it to come out. More goals will probably come out as I get closer to finishing majority of the goals I need just so that I have something else to do as a break from the bossing. I know I got a lot of smack talk about my goal for my 1k tectonic dust stack goal, and I just want to let everyone know that goal is going to be moved over into these goals. I'll try and get pictures of every unique boss drop for the list as proof of the drop being obtained on my own. If anyone has any tips or suggestions for goals/restrictions I'm more than happy to listen and possibly apply them to my goals list. Let's get to work!