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  1. welcome to the server rikku!
  2. Hopefully it's just a break!
  3. It's sad to see another member leave us, but i'm sure you have your reasons. sucks that we didn't get to ever talk much in-game, but i'm sure it would've been pretty fun.
  4. congrats, and as Jaedmo said, it's great that you've taken over the forums. Well done indeed
  5. welcome to the forums finally lol
  6. definitely feel like snixie, cook, and kris should be added, but congratulations on all of the promotions.
  7. Insane final boss title, insane reaper title, 1 sirenic/malevolent/tectonic set each from scratch
  8. That's a really selfless decision to step down from global, and only assume a forum moderator position, and I'm glad that you see how your position can be better filled rather than trying to fulfill the duties but coming short. Thank you for the update Hopefully we see that green staff name again
  9. Welcome to the family! hope to see you in-game!
  10. I'm sorry to hear that, and I wish you the best.
  11. what are you intending with this reply?
  12. Images would make this post look a lot sharper, but It's laid out pretty well. Good job
  13. Accepted, welcome to the HCIM clan
  14. I really haven't ever gotten along with you very much, but I did understand you had a pretty large roll to fill in the server. You leaving definitely leaves a massive gap that is going to be difficult to replace. Thank you for what you've done for the server over the time that you've been here.
  15. Accepted, welcome to the HCIM clan