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  1. Hello everybody. As I'm sure a lot of you have noticed, my activity has been very poor over the past few weeks. This is due to a number of reasons, some of which a few of you already know, but not the full story. I'm going to be completely transparent with you guys. On June 13th, at 7:30pm, my brother was killed in a car accident. He was hit head on by a drunk driver with an infant in the back seat. My brother veered sideways, sliding the car making it so only he received the full impact of the collision, saving the 2 passengers he had in the car. This incident was incredibly difficult for me and my family, so I took a few days to spend with them and attempt to cope with the situation. I tried to not make it public as I thought it would only be a week or so before I could grasp what had happened, but it's taken a lot longer than that. A week after that incident, troubled with the loss, my girlfriend found it necessary to darken the atmosphere by breaking up with me. This was long-overdue, but it couldn't have come at a worse time. The heat of both situations weighed incredibly tough on my mental state. I try very hard to keep real life incidents out of Ataraxia, and I had to further cut back my activity to do so in an effort to remain professional. For the next coming weeks I spent a lot of time with family, and with close friends. This past week I took a small vacation to find closure up in Lake Tahoe, which was very therapeutic, as it was my brother's favorite place in the world. Now, to reduce the number of questions I'm sure I'm going to get, here's a small FAQ list: 1. Are you ok? - Yes. After the time I've taken off I feel immensely better than a week ago. It was tough, but I'm coping with it in my own way. 2. Are you going to come back to Ataraxia? - Absolutely. However, this incident has really opened my eyes and shown me how precious life is, and how important it is to spend it with family and friends. I WILL be coming back, but I most likely will not be on as frequently as I have been in the past. (No more 12 hour, multi-day sprees) 3. Anything we can do to help? - I would really appreciate if we keep this incident out of FC. I'm trying hard to put it in the past, and it will be very difficult to do so if I'm constantly peppered with questions and comments about what happened. Thanks for understanding everybody -Joss
  2. It's always tough to have staff leave the team, wish them the best and hope to see them around. Congratulations to Cook and Dreas, both incredibly active/helpful members. Excited to have them on board
  3. Sorry I didn't include your 100 corrupt dragon items or 60 dragon hatchets
  4. Thank you all so much for participating in my scavenger hunt. Please post here what you'd like to see changed in the future, what you enjoyed most, and what you disliked most about the overall event. Special thanks also goes out to these players who helped make the event possible: Ryan: provided untradeables, distributing clues/rewards while helping supervise event Wiko: Helping with distributing hints/clues/rewards during the hunt Hell: Helping with distributing hints/clues/rewards for hunt #4 Captain Cook: Coming in at the last minute to assist with hunt #1 Achievements: Volunteering to help with Hunt #2 Tubby: Divine spirit shield for drop party. Thank you so much for showing up Snixie: Keenan:
  5. Appreciate the kind words everyone, congrats to our new fellow members of the team! Should be a lot of fun having them aboard
  6. Yeah changed it up a bit.
  7. Here is a list of available times/dates where I can be on to host this event (work weekends). If these times/dates are not suitable, I can find another to host the event on a weekend. Post below what your thoughts are, this is after all, a community event.
  8. AHHHHH +10000000 for making this a comp (t) requirement. Please make me nolife for like a year obtaining all these. OT: Great idea. We really do need some more goals to work towards as even currently, the Comp (t) is only a mild achievement.
  9. It was so cute when Phippzy was just a pleb.
  10. Owner Noel Noel has always been a fantastic owner. Generous, delightful to be around, and a great energy that is needed to head a community. While circumstances have slightly reduced your availability in game you still find ways to make sure the server stays stable. Great job, I hope all is well in your real life endeavors. Rating out of 10: 8 Co-Owner Jaedmo Not as active as you were when you got promoted to administrator, I would like to see this change. Just because Ryan is now admin doesn't relieve you of your prior duties. I understand you're here to oversee now, but unlike Noel you haven't really given much reason to why you've moved away from community events and overall activity. You still show interest in this community, but leading off so strong and suddenly falling off shows this recent promotion might be going to your head. On a day to day basis you come online, do your thing, and take off pretty much without a trace. Let's find that spark you had a month back man, you're fantastic, and I'd hate to see you lose interest here as you move up the ranks. Rating out of 10: 6 Administrator Ryan Ryan is a fantastic addition to the administration team. He shows enthusiasm similar to Jaedmo when he was first promoted; hosting events, online like 24/7, and being entertaining all throughout the community. While you are absolutely delightful to be around, you are slightly childish when it comes to your newfound abilities. My previous staff feedback about 2 months back criticized Jaedmo for being too professional, suggesting he relax a bit, which he did. You on the other hand are a bit too laid back. When players realize the server executives are extremely tolerant this leads to a disrespectful community. And no, using the ;;kill command is also not a way to "take care" of these players that are acting out of line. Everything is good in moderation my friend, but be assertive when things are getting out of hand. You're one of my closest friends on here, and I really hope my honest opinion doesn't change that. Rating out of 10: 7 Game Developer I find it very difficult to judge Developers individually, as server updates are a collaborative effort and not just one person. I will continue to rank you as a whole, and not person to person, as you are a development team. That being said, you've all done a fantastic job. The events for easter, updates to slayer, instances (kris), crystal flasks (movee), have kept me interested in playing far more than any server I've played before. I really look forward to the future, especially after all the recent additions to this development team. Rating out of 10: 9 Server Moderator Snixie Snix since day 1 has been an absolute delight to have in the community. Even before he was staff he still delighted in helping players even with the most tedious tasks. If there's one person I'd also love to see be promoted (other than Ryan), is Snix. He has perfected the balance of professionalism and mellowness. Ryan, please take into account his actions as this is the balance I'd like to see from you for you to be the Administrator you are destined to be. Keep up the good work Snix. Rating out of 10: 10 Not RSWiki How effective has this member been for the past month?: RsWiki is a great staff member. His activity is not what it used to be, as well as his involvement in the community, but I still have high hopes for him. He is a very professional individual, and is also always trying to help whenever he can. How can this member improve?: Regain that interest here that you've had for so many months in the past. Rating out of 10: 6 Tubby How effective has this member been for the past month?: For how long you've been support, it's about time you got promoted my friend. I really hope you continue that passion to serve as you've shown extensively during your time on this staff team. While our time zones don't really align in a way for me to accurately give feedback, for every minute that you are online you attempt to help. That's all we can ask for. Rating out of 10: N/A Support Team I really can't give accurate feedback for most of the support staff, since nobody really stands out to me. This might be an issue with me, or an issue with them, but I'm not going to lie and write a report on players I have no information about. Kieran(Opium) How effective has this member been for the past month?: N/A Rating out of 10: N/A Fat Panda It is really good to have you back on the staff team old friend. But we've run into the same issue we had before you left; inactivity. Sitting at home looking good does not show that you've regained interest in this server. Yes you do play much more than when you were moderator, but I'm seeing that trait that really worried me back then. You are such an awesome guy to hang out with; energetic, charismatic, and hilarious when the time arises. You also don't take s*** from anybody. You put rule breakers in their place without a second thought, and I greatly respect that. Let's start fresh bud, hopefully next time staff feedback comes around I can completely disregard this one. Rating out of 10: 6 Vibe Vibe is great. It's nice getting to a user that I really feel does not need much feedback, because they don't need anything to improve on. Even though I am sure our time zones are much different, you are still on almost whenever I am, and that is surprising. Keep up the fantastic work my friend. Rating out of 10: 10 Shiny Zeref How effective has this member been for the past month?: Timezones N/A How can this member improve?: N/A Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: N/A Osu How effective has this member been for the past month?: N/A How can this member improve?: N/A Any other notes?: N/A Rating out of 10: N/A Loure Ok... so this is going to be a two-sided feedback. One side will include Loure's usefulness as a support and his actions in fc. The other is going to be his actions away from fc, as I feel that it is necessary to show both sides of this staff member. Support/FC: Loure is a great staff member. He is always trying to help, going over and above expectations to fulfill every player's requests, no matter how medial it may be. It's very commendable that he does this, since many of the staff members here will disregard those questions and leave it for other players to answer. However, even the most helpful player is not truly fit to be staff. CC/Occasional FC: Immaturity. Now I never knew your age, never really even thought about it. But before you were staff you were frequently added/removed from my ignore list when you went off on one of your "tangents". The amount of pressure needed to push you over the edge is so minimal, it really surprises me. You can't be a childish player with power. When I learned of your age I seriously thought "Ohhhh that makes perfect sense now, we've been dealing with an overanxious 16 year old with heaping amounts of teen angst". I'm sarcastic, I joke around a lot, but there's a fine line between being these traits and being childish. Even around Ryan, Jaedmo, and Noel you still act unprofessional. If you ever hope to move up on this team you need to grow up. Rating out of 10: 4
  11. Glad to see you moving up the ranks my friend. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll do a great job.
  12. My personal opinion is that I really don't want to deal with dungeoneering again. Getting 120 in any skill is a very tedious and time consuming task, even though this new system is vastly superior to the one implemented now. I vote to keep everyone's dung level the same, but I STRONGLY agree to Robin's suggestion of the Comp T requirement. This will force us that already have 120 dung to use the new system.
  13. Before I begin, let me emphasize that I'm in NO way trying to offend anybody. This is my honest and truthful opinion of every staff member I've encountered, I hope you all can understand the constructive criticisms I present and take them to heart. Owner Noel How effective has this member been for the past month?: In-game, you are generally easy going, which is fantastic for an owner developing a server such as this. I enjoy your sarcastic personality, as well as your seriousness when it is necessary. How can this member improve?: This is more of a you/all developers criticism: stop leaving the players in the dark. We deserve to know beforehand what to expect in upcoming patches. This not only benefits the community by bringing a sense of excitement knowing that the next patch will include X or X, but also give us insight to what you and the developers are working so hard at when not online. Any other notes?: *stated above. Rating out of 10: 8 Co-Owner Clumsy How effective has this member been for the past month?: Timezones I believe inhibit my ability to properly evaluate you. In general you've always been helpful while online, and I don't have the right to say get online more since there's no way we are on similar schedules. How can this member improve?: N/a Any other notes?: N/a Rating out of 10: N/a Administrator Jaedmo How effective has this member been for the past month?: Savage. One of the smartest decisions Noel made with this server was promoting this awesome player to administrator. Ever since his promotion he has gone beyond expectations to provide the community with interesting media, hosting cool events, and just being a very charismatic individual. How can this member improve?: It's a bit of a contradiction to what I posted above but James, you don't always need to be so professional. While I understand the necessity of doing so in certain situations lets be real; this is not a suit-and-tie cubicle you're confined to. Please sir, relax a little bit, enjoy the position you're in, and stop trying so hard to be the "perfect" administrator. You're already doing an amazing job. Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 9 Web Developer Rahoc How effective has this member been for the past month?: Love the new forums. 10/10. How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 10 Game Developer *Ranked these gentleman alongside Noel in the above post. 8/10 for all of you. Global Moderator Fat Panda How effective has this member been for the past month?: Seeing less and less of you as time goes on. Granted I myself am not as active either but when I do my binge days of 8+ hours I hardly catch a glimpse of you. BUT, when you are on, you are INCREDIBLY helpful. There is not one player that is not heard, and you maintain an easy-going w/ a hint of professionalism added inside. How can this member improve?: I feel that you might be losing interest in this server as time passes. What I think you need is a vacation, like 2 weeks away or something to spark that old fire you had back in the day. But I don't know, I honestly think you're doing a great job as is. Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 8 In-Game Moderator Phippzy How effective has this member been for the past month?: Phippzy is one of the most humble players I've met in all my time playing RSPS. Known him since he started here, and I couldn't be happier about him being moderator. Very mature, very enthusiastic, and incredibly helpful whenever there is somebody who needs it. He won't hesitate to loan items to people who need it, and alongside Mapt, have probably given out like 5b in cash to random players asking for it. I see him frequently in-game, and he RARELY afk's. If it were up to me, he'd be next in line for a promotion. How can this member improve?: It's strange, but I have absolutely nothing that I think you need to improve on. Great job bud, keep it up. Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 10 Support Team *Big note for all support staff: STOP CHANGING YOUR IGN. This is very frustrating to frequent players, or maybe just me, but I constantly see random IGN's with support staff that I have never heard of before. Tubby How effective has this member been for the past month?: Haven't built any sort of verbal relationship with Tubby, but he generally is online when around 2 or 3 other Support Staff are on. You've been chill, haven't had any issues with you whatsoever, but I can't give a proper rating with my lack of background information. Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: N/a Lucario How effective has this member been for the past month?: Timezones prevent me from posting anything about Lucario. How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: N/a Mapt How effective has this member been for the past month?: Mapt is by far the most helpful Support Staff this server has. His knowledge about the game and enthusiasm to inform is only exceeded by his generosity to new players. He is due for a promotion, without any sort of doubt in my mind. Experience, maturity, likeability. One of the best staff members I've ever encountered. How can this member improve?: You do tend to sit at home and AFK an awful lot. If you are in game, try to actually be in game. Can't get much use out of an inactive Mapt. Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 9.5 Yahoo How effective has this member been for the past month?: Same as Lucario and Tubby I really haven't gotten any time in-game with you online so I assume we have much different schedules on the server. How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: N/a Feed My Ego/F33d My Ego How effective has this member been for the past month?: Now this is an interesting player. One of the most dedicated I've seen, almost always playing on multiple accounts grinding for the top, and somehow, during all of that still finds time to help almost every player that asks a question in FC. But it's not the multitasking that impresses me; take away his support rank and he would not change at all. This guy is about helping the server, he is selfless in that respect. I'm not pointing fingers, but there are staff members here that, without their rank, would immediately stop performing the tasks they would have done as a support/mod/admin/owner. You're still new on the team, but you've made quite the impression on me that you are here to help, and not to build your... ehemm... ego. How can this member improve?: As stated in previous posts it would be cool to see you on your main more often. Alts are nice, but they are a serious distraction. You do an awesome job for managing multiple accounts though. Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 10 I Play Heaps How effective has this member been for the past month?: I'm sorry man, but you've really been slacking on your duties in-game. Haven't seen you much of at all, and when you're on I really don't even notice you're there. The FC gets out of control and you don't manage. New players are asking questions and you just let them hang in the rain. Get back on your horse man you EARNED that rank, now act like you want it or drop out. How can this member improve?: Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 4
  14. I wasn't even entered in the drawing :(, anyways good video. Ragefires are certainly a common drop rate.