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  1. M8 i donated a divine and no mention???? on a serious note though, I liked this event. Didn't participate but the interaction within the community was great and the overal succes was undeniable. Good job !
  2. Goodluck to Alessandra and Lukas! I'm sure you will both do great Congrats Joss, i haven't been around enough to witness your doings but i've heard it's great. Last but not least I would like to thank Vibe for his time and being a great co-staff. Keep it up boys/girls!
  3. 5k kalphite queen, happy to see it because i would never do that. Goodluck on the bow boiz
  4. Welcome to the server! hope you enjoy your stay here
  5. Congratulations on the promotion man Thanks for the nice legacy you leave us with and the hilarious discord memories. Take care and hopefully till next time.
  6. Welcome Igor, hope you like you stay here
  7. Congratulations Ryan, well earned. Keep up the no-life!
  8. You're a wonderful owner, but even more a wonderful person. I greatly respect the way you stand towards the community and how much respect you've earned from all of us. Kris is capable of his new task and the rest of the team got your back 24/7 so take as much time as you need, that's the only thing that matters. Love & Kisses Tubby
  9. I voted yes agreeing 100% with what @dashie said. We all did 120 dungeoneering with the old methods for our comp capes and had them until something new came, this. Yes i grinded 120 dung on my expert account, after the barrage fix, so I did it all manually. But why the heck not? Gives us something to go for and use this new (amazing) dungeoneering.
  10. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here
  11. Congrats Vibe
  12. :(

    Get well Josh! Hope this all goes by fast
  13. Damn, araxxor shitting drops lately! This was yesterday during a solo reaper task
  14. Welcome to Ataraxia Kris!
  15. Oh man have i forgotten about this haha Well i've completed all of this back in February.