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  1. gimm idat bow
  2. Welcome man, glad to have you here
  3. bruh just use OBS
  4. is.. she.. doin the clawthing
  5. Your rng was on point or you'd be ded af
  6. Thanks for notifying us, boss.
  7. YOu didnt mention who gave u half of those supplies, sad.
  8. Gratz to all!
  9. Goodluck mate, might wanna fix the size on thos pets hehe
  10. Goodluck with them goals mate!
  11. Take care when you're gone homie!
  12. Keep work over anything mate, don't stress it! We'll still be here when you get more time and my sorry about your girlfriend
  13. Congrats people, all of you've done an amazing job. Keep it up!
  14. Gratz cook!