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  1. Here is an example of what I see ^. Nonetheless, good luck with achieving your goals, I have yet to get around to even start grinding toward my current goals.
  2. I know I got a lot of smack talk about my goal for my 1k tectonic dust stack goal, and I just want to let everyone know that goal is going to be moved over into these goals.
  3. heh
  4. An ironman might come as a side project in the distant future. Just don't have the luxury of making one at this moment.
  5. In light of me getting my completionist cape (t) on my expert account, I've decided to set myself a goal. I wish to receive all equipable gear myself from scratch, without any outside help. (does not include low tier items, although if I want to get them, pvm is the way) And because I'm a lazy fuck, I won't be making an ironman. Starting items: Completionist cape (t) (subject to change) Barrows gloves (who doesn't have these by level ~70?) Any runes, arrows, food/pots, summoning scrolls (Too lazy to make all of these on my own, otherwise I'd be an ironman, making them would only slow down the process, as the goal is to achieve all my gear as drops, not my items. Restrictions: All drops must be received on my own, meaning no outside help. (If someone crashes me it's fair game) <-- stolen from ely Cannot take part in any sort of events in which I may receive items Cannot buy any gear, nor can I stake for any gear (DUH) Goals: Receive many sought after drops without any outside help. Additional challenge: Void and t80 gloves cannot be used until acquiring respective god sets in godwars dungeon. No death's ring and death touched bracelet until I get all dagg rings No amulet of souls or reaper necklace until I get all Saradomin amulets Anything else I can think of I'll add I will not make use of any ports armour <--- I must really hate myself No use of any dungeoneering items whatsoever (exception being prayers )No attuned cbow My items have all been handed over to another player, with the exception of two dyed items, to prevent me from cheating myself. I currently have a drop template being made for me, to keep you guys up to date with progress. This is what is left of my equipment tab (boots were acquired from sof) potato quality picture If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.
  6. I've heard that using accurate is better than rapid, because you can sync attacks with familiar. I think the idea behind this is to decrease the odds of the bosses retaliating onto you over your familiar? of course due to the fact that you're hitting as often as it. Take that info with a pinch of salt, as it is likely inaccurate, but may be worth mentioning. Also, hand cannon is a good ranged spec wep to bring along. It's cheap and quite strong.
  7. Welcome, hope to see you around.
  8. Absolute quality updates. appreciate all the work the staff team does to keep the server flourishing. Still waiting on the aura QOL you approved though <3
  9. I'll be sure to watch the Whole video once I get the opportunity. And rax is only 20-25 minutes soloing in my experience. Also soloable with tortoise. I sometimes come out with a near full invy of brews, using the tort. And that luck though
  10. What spooky said, glad to see that you're enjoying your time at ataraxia. I know I sure am!
  11. Welcome back!
  12. Congratulations on achieving your goal. Thanks for helping the server strive and ascend on the leaderboards!
  13. I'm glad to see that you will be logging in to check up on the community. I hope that you can find the motivation to play again, even if it requires taking a break. Always a joy to talk with you. I've been meaning to personally make an intro. But it just feels so wrong to do it this late on. I feel as though most people probably recognize my name regardless.
  14. This a nice comparison video, I'm glad I won and all, but I would rather have these items go to someone who would make better use of them, than myself. Similarly to last comp, which I won, I wish to have these items given out to someone who will make use of them.