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  1. Best wishes to Noele hope all goes well, im sure the rest of staff will do amazing
  2. Welcome to Ataraxia see you in game soon
  3. First video I've watched should defo keep doing these vids.
  4. Gratz snix, bet that took awhile nice work.
  5. ^ not a bad idea, I'd like the chance to help test it in beta stages.
  6. Gratz good luck, try getting 1k rep something you are not in control of besides using admincp lol
  7. Nice work glad to see a light at the end of this tunnel, as far as walied standing down he's a talented dev so I've heard but he never finishes anything, it's probably a good thing he stood down hope all get fixed and completed ?
  8. Good luck man,
  9. Love this cant wait to see what the rewards are
  10. Welcome @Walied seen your work, can't wait to see this finished
  11. Good luck
  12. Really like this idea be good for the community to work with the staff to help put this quest together I support+1
  13. I see I only spoke with him a few times, I always really liked his work
  14. Sup

    Welcome to ataraxia
  15. @Noele have you tried menth of rune-server forums? Amazing with graphics but it will be pay per task?