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  1. Welcome broddah dont get eaten by bears
  2. Cya in the disc nerd
  3. A candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long
  4. You be good out there
  5. Goodbye friend
  6. Sounds good and welcome hue
  7. Alright pvm god slither present time to lay down the truths: Im fine with offhands, as of now content is stale and even with rots grind inbound its only one more thing til i have nothing to do again. With plenty of help from people who know whats going on aka none of the plebs that think "dks are hard" im sure we could make offhands reasonable and not retarded. Divines/elys already are useless being just afk stamps at some bosses and only truly needed at rax. Dunno how offhands could take value from a shield noone needs in the first place for melee/mage/range Nerf vamp, its op as shit as is and would prolly draw alot of people to getting offhands to make it viable again. srsly can afk basically every boss with vamp. Tl;dr = We can make offhands useful, well balanced, and fun to implement if we let go of all the greed and assholery thats circlejerkin around on server.
  8. With 100+ people on there is going to be alot of competition for bosses. Need instances/more selection and it wouldnt hurt to have some harder skiller challenges. Maybe readd skill tasks except without crazy amounts needed to complete.
  9. The wait was long but well worth, thanks noel
  10. Loved everything in this update, its like you read my mind on some of them.
  11. TL:DR = easy noobs cry on forums for equality.
  12. Welcome to Ataraxia! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.