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Found 1 result

  1. What is up everyone! My name is Dell. I also go by Vince, I'm 22 years young. Started playing Runescape mannny year ago [close to 10?] Then broke off into RSPS shortly after. Hosted one once my self (lasted a whole 3 days), been Mod+ on a few. But now i just enjoy playing em. Little background on my self, Former U.S Army (11 Bravo was my MOS) recently retired from the Army. Now im a rent-a-cop! [Any mall cop jokes and ill punch you] anyways you can catch me in game often got 3 accounts; The main- D E L L. The Vet- J A G E X and finally the Expert- L I N U X. Feel free to PM me in game or on the forums! Always free to help :] P.s; i enjoy hugs and long walks on the beach. P.p.s: A Rake is a noob but ily