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Found 8 results

  1. Hello there fellow players! I finally decided to say hello here on the forums. So i hope this will give you a quick brief of who i am. Hello, my "username / in-game" name is Norway, and im currently working on a skiller account. I enjoy skilling and achieving some weird things like ive done on Ataraxia. Like achieving 120 dung / 120 slayer and 120 prayer without having to kill 1 single npc. Some will find it weird and easy, but i enjoy it and thats why i decided to do it. Me: I'm 18 years old, currently not working and spending my day on ataraxia instead AND yes i do live in Norway, what a suprise.. I hope to get to know as many of you fellow players as possible. Hope to see you around. Thank you, -Norway
  2. A month and some chance overdue... better late than never though. I've been in the rsps and rs community for 11 years now, I discovered rsps's about a month or so after I discovered runescape. I started playing rsps back when you went to those websites like "godzhell" and had to join the server by typing the ip-address like.... blahblahblah.no-ip.biz.. oh the memories lmao... barbarian women dropping red p hats and dragon items... anyways. Been around awhile. I'm 20 years old, live in North Carolina, in college for Software & Web Development, I love world peace and long walks on the beach. Joking, couldn't care less about the first and the sun is the bane of my existence. As I've been on the server for over a month an introduction isn't really necessary, most of you know me as being 3 things. 1. A troll.. I LOVE TO JOKE AROUND. If you're a nice guy and I consider you my friend, I will joke around with you more than others. It's my way of expressing friendship/brotherly love. Probably not the most effective way, but it's what I do 2. Helpful/Nice.. I'm actually super nice. If there's staff online able to do their job and help the players, I'm my same old typical troll self having a blast. But when 2-6 am comes around, (I play like 14+ hrs a day lol. like noon to 4 am) and theres no staff online, I'm more than happy to step up and help the players out if it's within my knowledge. Even if staff is online actually, I just don't help as much. Thats what staff is for. 3. IM OVERPOWERED!!!!!!! A.K.A.... I'm a Nerd/No-Lifer, or as I like to say, i have a life I just spend it on Ataraxia :P, OK YES! I perhaps play more than is healthy....... However I'm just doing what I enjoy. I enjoy rsps, and Ataraxia is the current server I'm playing, so yeah I'm gonna nerd the shit out of it lmao. Long story short, I'm a super nice guy who likes to troll too much and spends his life on rsps, currently Ataraxia.
  3. Well hello there! My name is Bart, and most likely many people will know me from Rune-Server as Bart. I'm 18 years old and work as a part-time Senior Captain at a sales company. I love this job because the interaction between people is awesome and it also makes you less socially awkward. Senior Captain basicly means that I am able to schedule people to work (making a roster) and managing the building + the people in it. Back on track.. I've been in the RSPS-community for quite a bit, 5 years already. But i haven't been able to play above revision 742 so this will be new for me. I hope that I will have a great time over here, and I think that this is almost guaranteed ain't it . Thanks for reading! Bart.
  4. Hi guys! I'm Dreamx, previously unknown as worldofdream I used to play this game way back when it was Edelar, or not so way back, Idk when it changed it's name it's nice seeing some familiar names like The Japan, Fat Panda, Jaed, etc...and I do miss some of the people like spooky that I havent seen on, but anyway I'm back Unfortunately, I hadn't played for a while due to some internet issues (it fucking sucked), but i have new internet now so i thought i'd come back.. My account, however, did not survive (hello darkness my old friend). and I guess it can't be recovered :l... Anyway, if you remember me, feel free to add me on Dreamx Because there's so many new members, I felt the need to say hi all over again, aswell as announce my return to the people who have played for a while that might know me, although probably not. Now, just so you guys know i'm not blowing smoke up your ass and I really did play before, here's a few screen of me lol PS, can I use the sig? I don't have any more proof that i made it, as it was uploaded on the forums before my dude got deleted lol
  5. Hey everyone, I know I might be late on this one as I already have 400h clocked in the server. I thought I'd like to introduce myself properly on the forums. I've been an old player of Edelar, some of you may know me as w0w back in the edelar days, I quit after a while because I was bored of the game and I wanted to focus on my eSports career in Overwatch. Came back to the RSPS scene only recently and somehow found this server by chance when browsing for servers, got surprised to find out that alot of my old friends from edelar are still playing here. And again I know im a bit late on this wich made this awkward to write, but I'll be happy to meet you ingame. ^ _ ^
  6. Hello everyone, I'm Erica1994 (Expert) With in the server of Ataraxia. I'm Also the Account Anon Rob.... I initially took the name of Anon Rob due to the Idea of Anonymous. Yes, I know a lot about computer engineering and yes I'm an Activist... And well, Other things... This is my second Into but as a different In-Game name. I plan on only being a normal player in this server. I don't mind helping anyone time-to-time with skilling or making bow strings, a.k.a. Tilus (New player). I'm not looking for the role of a staff member, but, i will endure the role as a Support. Nothing higher unless, well persuaded. My favorite player in the server is, Corey. No one is better than him. He is my Favvvv!!!! But, um.... Yeah, So you can message me privately and or Friend me. I'm open to making to friends. Thank you, for taking the time to read this. Love you all! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Sincerely, -Erica1994
  7. Intro:Hello everyone, I'm Anon Rob. You may call my whatever you may see fit. I'm currently new to the community and it's server as of, 6/6/2017. I'll be online most of the time... mostly everyday of the week, and the time varies due to the amount of time I spend else-where daily. You can message me through the forums private messaging system if needed. Or feel free to talk with me in-game to learn more about me. About me:I'm currently, enrolled in part night/day classes. I'm pursuing my dream and learning in the area of Computer-Engineering, Web-Development using PHP (at the moment), Social Re-Engineering, and learning the commands of Linux quite slowly. I only know a little about advanced web development for the most part... I know many computer programming languages which includes: Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, and Ruby. If you'd like to learn more about me you might have the chance to find out in-game or creating a friendship of some sort with me. Other Information:If I'm not online on the Forums page or in-game on the server, I'm either in class, on multiple social media application's, or I'm asleep. If you'd like to contact me and I'm not online, then you may message me through the Discord Application or by any other contact information you may have for me if given. Thank you for the time you may or may not have taken to read this. Sincerely, - Anon Rob
  8. Hey Guys, Well what can I say? I've played rs since 2001-ish or so... finally got absolutely fed up of Fagex and came across this RSPS... I've since fallen inlove with ataraxia and intend to spend my time pvm'ing and expwhoring on here... as there isn't a whole lot of room for me to expwhore on RS3.. I'm very active majority of the time, however do have some quiet spells due to my commitments at home (wife + 3 children) and the fact i'm in the military, so often deployed for periods, however I tend to find Net just about anywhere and continue my addiction Please, I am very approachable, feel free to ask any questions you like, I can offer many services/advice as I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to RS, and I am working on adapting to this server, so soon will be able to offer people guidance on Pvm'ing/skilling. I enjoy to give and help people, so hopefully when i'm on my feet you'll find me at ;;home helping people out who are a little short for that first big thing they want to buy Usually a set of dharok or something >.< Kind regards, Tyler (Woc2)