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Guest Jaedmo

Forum Updates #2

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Guest Jaedmo   
Guest Jaedmo

Forum Updates #2

- Unique user bars were edited
- Post-count ranks were edited/more added

- Kieran was brought on as Forum Moderator!

[+] User Bar Edits

- The previous user bars received mixed reviews, since, Ryan has come up with some new ones, that are going to be here permanently (unless someone with Graphical talent decides to take over ;) )

- The new user bars are as followed:

Member: Member.png.523672783845ad5895af9a3d5b869

Bronze: Bronze.png.31ffdeccf6466fb5f3f15802de148

Silver: Silver.png.1b4cccfb3d93b42b8632b66c30530

Gold: Gold.png.e69080aed4cebd3f57b394f9a6c6b36

Platinum: Platinum.png.f24c10f974d9e8508e20b0ef6fb

Diamond: Diamond.png.c5fdd4e71c3718bd7a0271ec2dcc

Master: Master.png.e17a86fa74c886870e5136cd1a9b5

Member of the Month: MotM.png.5df2d625a6f304fe1b83d739d31848d

Voter of the Month: VotM.png.9ed57c973b826dd539a37589192dd2c

Respected Member: Respected.png.255b15198bc21b3857a80abdec

Ex-Staff: ExStaff.png.8b9a0c231fb028c2ab88df1e9cfa

Server Support: ServerSupport.png.86aa217e774f380f115a35

Forum Moderator: ForumMod.png.8b42321969be471917d1029a4fd

Game Moderator: ServerMod.png.102c7f01128e88995dc48f0979

Global Moderator: GlobalMod.png.ab59d4813f68e0857cea85c40b

Administrator: Adminstrator.png.c7a7816aefe75539cd39747

Game Developer: GameDev.png.4e30eb4e7ae5abb530892813eee9

Web Developer: WebDev.png.07a97c20b6d4df7727546325ab4f3

Co-Owner: CoOwner.png.099937d0fbc97df894240cdc8149

Owner: Owner.png.e138e32acf71daf8285770d190d68b


[+] Post Count System Overhaul

- The system has been reworked, and a bunch more have been added.

- This thread took me while pls appreci8

- The ranks are as follows:


New - 0: BronzeArm.png.cbe5c95116b7a45bb858942c81

Beginner - 5: Iron.png.1566987b813991333382be1dc69c594

Rookie - 10: Steel.png.df17a337c630828a8964246082637b

Novice - 15: Black.png.5801c55d570855f524f7e4c5e528ed

Amateur - 20: White.png.56f27259f91f6f9732990a352c1a31

Apprentice - 40: Rune.png.1538315c53a07f9ffc49f696cccc76d

Standard - 50: Dragon225.png.39835aa92294e53426b39c2665

Mediocre - 60: Void.png.0dbfc4599fe2b0db4d5aed2e9c0886d

Common - 75: Gilded.png.a8d84dfbcf576ac8ff1717674a788

Intermediate - 85: Karil.png.b243edcaec4bb8feff71c1903bd364

Competent - 90: Ahrim.png.34acd051115ed67058142dad3e6e8c

Trained - 95: Torag.png.759c158078754cfb7fe2d6154b4a57

Matured - 100: Verac.png.1efddab326b25ac808d7df9c2e46d5

Accomplished - 105: dharoks450.png.62d793e1315c42f9998f3375e

Skillful - 115: Armadyl.png.97a7708c2c0f6094b12f870e2e3e

Capable - 125: Subjugation.png.6ce64e23e164bb1bd5d6f6f9

Experienced - 140: Bandos.png.06197f8f46afa3cbda6046bbe3d56

Sharp - 160: Ancient_ceremonial.png.3ead4684e99943982

Advanced - 180: Pernix.png.4b90d0cb073adc4c3f6ba95bb843f

Adept - 200: Virtus.png.7335cc4bb599bd334d0928f75a5cf

Exceptional - 220: Torva.png.3dbf8c0ef13ab3468af939e8e73614

Dexterous - 240: Death_Lotus.png.fbe3eace7d8059f13ea0abed

Expert - 260: Seasinger.png.aac7a0929f63f1e2cab1a06c85

Allegorical - 300: Tetsu.png.7b600a7723124de5afb46af4597954

Symbolic - 350: Third_Age_Range.png.4fa2d5e2c5680cda1cf3

Mythical - 400: Third_Age_Mage.png.9b8d3031f8c1437874585

Legendary - 450: Third_Age_Melee.png.80abbd61e5825a31a35d

Supreme - 500: Tectonic.png.6cc77aa3ff3bb77e7bf9c7f9265

Master - 550: Sirenic.png.734e304a6a2500478bc40631c5b8

Superior - 600: Malevolent.png.9fa22c8c58a8c4f24d3f7bc34

Demigod - 700: 05fa6dd66c2b961e11443540769a33fa.png.654

Deity - 800: c8ad631c43a5bcb34567dbe63e269214.png.8bb

Divine - 1000: Royal.png.ea5c47670a73229ba9eb79d5a37058


[+] Kieran

- Kieran was brought on as a Forum Moderator for his great performance forum-wide. He's still a Server Support in-game just having the powers of a Forum Moderator on forums.

- As you can see from his threads he's already coming into the role extremely well :)


Hope you enjoy. Took fucking ages to do all those images. Thanks to Ryan for his assistance and also Kieran for the suggestion.








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Snixie    145

Sexy af :x

Jaedmo time to get Divine x1000 posts?


ps. Also comment what rank you'd like to get?

Deity looks fancy for me anyway.

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Eazy E    14

Very nice forums updates Jaed and your thread, both are very nice and clean and pretty much detailed, keep up with the dope ass updates man! looking forward to em!

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Steamy    1

Will there be higher post count images when it gets to the point where people are getting over 1k?


OT: Images look sexy.


Edited by Kieran

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Kieron    10

Nice work guys, quick work I only put the suggestions up yesterday some time, love the ranks. also maybe something else to look into is members reputation ranks encourage more people to help other for rep etc, keep up the good work Ryan and kieran.


@Snixie Superior :P

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Robban    17
1 hour ago, Kieran said:

Not everyone can be happy with every update Robban. If you have any better ideas post them on forum suggestions and we can review them for you.

Not that I'm really upset, it's just that I don't see why they were changed in the first place.

No point in making a thread for one suggestion either, I already spoke to Jaedmo about this, saying it's just the font that makes it look unprofessional.

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Kieron    10
On ‎16‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 7:51 PM, Kieran said:

Thank you Kier for sending us through some of the ideas as well. :) Reputation rankings would also be a definitely good addition here. Hopefully it will incite others to make information loaded topics and posts.

Get some ideas over too us, and add them too the forums suggestions thread and we'll take a look at them :)

Edit @Soren Partyhats normally get the top ranks on things like forums etc. So a change is always nice too see. There will be higher ranks added after more people get higher post count. So a potential for getting some custom coloured ones for higher postage? Also along with other custom coloured rares(As an example)

That's alright got tonnes of ideas, once I'm back ill get some more ideas sent to you loving the forum updates though, glad to see a server that works on both forums and game.

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