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Taking a break or something

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Kyam    27

I've been playing RSPS/RS for about 7 years now and grown very bored of the RS style now so i'm gonna take a break/quit sometihng like that. Nothing against the server

I'm doing a 1-28 Goodiebag just put a number in here. Prizes are like Nox staff/asc/cash/random stuff from bank. No same numbers plz :(

Gonna undye the Ascension/Noxious staff lol also wont be in this order so can't pick 13 for asc might be rocktails

Also if not all numbers are picked i'm just gonna drop the remaining @ home


4,7,9,10,12,18, 20 Are gone

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For my ironman, might as well.

Sorry to see you leave though, see you when you decide to return!

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