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Fashionscape Competition V2

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Tranquility    60

                                               Fashionscape Competition V2

                                                                                                 Greetings players of Ataraxia.

 Fashionscape Competition V2 is here! With the new cosmetic system, it would be amazing to see everyone's outfit (It doesn't HAVE to be overrides)

         The event is just like the previous one. Post a picture of your most outstanding outfit. Me and someone else will decide which outfit is the best.

                       This time we will choose two winners. 1st place will recieve ''Bunny Ears'' from Noel. 2nd place will recieve 300m from me.

                            Your outfit can be anything from attractive to theme-related (The devil, Guthix). Would love to see some creativity. 

                                                                      This time you're limited to posting 1 outfit ONLY. Not several.

                                                                                   The event will end Friday the 28th of July.

                                                                                               Good luck everyone!












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Dreas Snow    136

Best of luck to everyone competing, I won't be be able to get ingame until the 31st due to travelling.

You bet I'd give my monkey outfit another go tho... hue

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Josh    151

Hope i'm able to win twice with this piece of art.


I call this, Angry Angel Clown With Burnt Boiled Egg

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Sylveosi    1

Sorry for the tardiness!

The lore that I tried to have this clothing bring forth would be that of a nomad of an unknown origin, because, of course, his origin doesn't matter, anyway. He would just travel across lands, between dimensions, and pick up pieces with him as he went along. And although his bronze crossbow kind of takes away from the idea that he's slaying dragons and saving kingdoms, that's not what he lives for. He seeks the thrill of exploration, dressing up in whatever he deems to be "flashy" or "spiffy enough."

Now, you might still be wondering what the actual theme is, but even I couldn't really give you one. However, I did juggle around the idea of "facades," as in a person's efforts to appear as closely they can to what they find to be "perfect." In this case, his idea of perfection is to be a warlock that is more mesmerizing in appearance than in actual skill; or to masquerade as one, because that's probably the closest he'll get.

In short, this outfit is "a result of an international and interdimensional search for fancy garments" if you want to make it sound dramatic. Ironically, a couple of the pieces also came from the Squeal of Fortune, so there's that for "exploration" on my part.

Nevertheless, I wish the best of luck to the other competitors. It looks like this'll be a tight race!

I hope you'll enjoy the images as much as I did in making them. Come on, then. What are you waiting for? ^_^


Scenery Pictures [1]






597ac3e69ffbf_FightPit1.png.2cb557e44df1c993de1f29c15ffaf7a8.png     597ab435b7554_SangtheReturn1.png.2dc9b7c3d702ec0d270c32e6c212cbde.png 




Front View [2]






Back View [3]






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Tranquility    60

Thank you all for contributing with so many amazing outfits!

With the help of our new Adminstrator @Node, The two winners for the Fashionscape competition has been decided! It was really hard figuring out who the winners would be, as it were so much good.

Winner 1: @Josh, due to his creativity and funny named-looking outfit.

Winner 2: @Sylveosi, due to his dedication to the outfit with the lore, aswell as creativity.

Congratulations to the both of you :)

I will be doing more events in the future. Trying to figure out something new. If you have any ideas, feel free to PM me.






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