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Bnetplayer (w0w) introduction

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W0w    10

Hey everyone, I know I might be late on this one as I already have 400h clocked in the server. I thought I'd like to introduce myself properly on the forums.

:P I've been an old player of Edelar, some of you may know me as w0w back in the edelar days, I quit after a while because I was bored of the game and I wanted to focus on my eSports career in Overwatch. 

Came back to the RSPS scene only recently and somehow found this server by chance when browsing for servers, got surprised to find out that alot of my old friends from edelar are still playing here.

And again I know im a bit late on this wich made this awkward to write, but I'll be happy to meet you ingame. ^ _ ^


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DreamX    5

Welcome back, w0w! (or bnet)
I think you'll find the server is better than ever, at least imo :P
Anyway, from one returning player to another, enjoy your stay :)

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