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Loure    63

Hello fellow Ataraxians,


This is a event in which was brought up and started with a former staff member, @Tubby and @Joss. I'd like to have the same aspect of what giveaway they done and the server enjoyed.

How does the giveaway work?: 

Players of Ataraxia donate items to an account that will store all the items any player have donated. The top three contributors will receive something for being a generous member of Ataraxia.This Giveaway will be fueled by the servers unwanted items to help out new and older players with money so the players that receive something will enjoy the game a lot more. THERE WILL BE MULTIPLE WINNERS IN THE GIVEAWAY!!

When will the give away take place?: 

I'll host a poll on this thread, but the giveaway will take place within a month.

What kind of activity will it be?:

The giveaway will have Hide and seek , Trivia ,Scavenger hunt and a Raffle.

How will the raffle work?:

Like the thread and comment your IGN. Goodluck everyone!

Prizes for being the highest contributor:

First Place: 300 Ataraxia Cosmetic Shop coins.

Second Place: 200 Ataraxia Cosmetic Shop coins.

Third Place: 100 Ataraxia Cosmetic Shop coins.

Top Contributors so far : no one



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