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Fashionscape Competition V3

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Tranquility    60

Fashionscape Competition V3

 Greetings players of Ataraxia!

With feedback from the community and love surrounding the Fashionscape competitions, I will be throwing another one! 

The event is just like before. Post a picture of your most outstanding outfit. Me and our lovely Admin @Node will decide the best outfits.

Your outfit can be anything from sexy to theme-related (Beach, Angel). Like I always say, creativity is appreciated.

  You're limited to posting 1 outfit ONLY. 

 The event will end Wednesday the 16th of August


    1st place: 500M

    2nd place: Reward from Node: 20 Ataraxia Coins

     3rd place: Reward from Node: 10 Ataraxia Coins


               Goodluck from me and Node!            


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Node    45

Good luck guys. Would be good to see all your creative sides :) I will update the thread once I figure out the rewards.

Edit: Updated rewards.

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ex whyskill    1

Will be entering this!
My Fashionscape Photo :) Goodluck to everyone!!!Comp1.png.ebeb57a1e54b4493bbf1144a35a3b224.png

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Moved second post to first comment initially made.

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Node    45
On 13/08/2017 at 6:23 AM, Brandin said:



Phoenix Person!

(It's a Rick and Morty Character.)

It's birdperson. I'm done LOL

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Sylveosi    1

I just can't get enough of these types of event, so here I am. Again. 

After playing around with a few color schemes, I finally decided on the best one: red/orange/yellow. Suitably, that fits the theme of fire, and this character is pretty close to being a "pyromaniac" (nudge nudge, wink wink). He lives for fiery excitement, building fires whenever and wherever he feels the need to satiate his dream of shining brighter than anyone ever could. At least, that's what his ego convinces him to believe.

And I can't believe just how many top contenders there are this time around! Best of luck, everyone! This is going to be very interesting.

Here's the photos below. For your viewing pleasure. Hopefully. ^_^












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Raspberry    0

I do hope you'll forgive me for this. I didn't notice the deadline was so soon... I also didn't think it'd be so hard to associate a theme with the outfit! After musing over it for a little while, some keywords that came to mind were "enchanted" or "caretaker". Maybe an "enchanted caretaker"? Haha, I'm clueless... but the outfit itself wasn't nearly as hard to match up. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, so I hope you'll see some of the effort that went into it! Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck, everyone! It was really fun.








In case the other images were not clear enough, I added a few more close-up's for you.


59947f0b42b0f_RaspFront2.png.b2dfd05271f913fd66e08374c6e68754.png     59947f05510b3_RaspFront1.png.f39eca34b3b9fded1daa445e3cd26c9c.png



5994806a170b1_RaspBack2.png.500b35b3ff4690a421d13d31fe039833.png     59948071db5c2_RaspBack1.png.9a94911a5e2fbb993d88dc81a57c9734.png


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Tranquility    60

Thank you to everyone that has contributed with awesome fashionscape outfits! Me and @Node has gone through all the outfits, and we've made a decision on the winners.

1st place: Congratulations to @Raspberry on 1st place and winning 500M!

2nd place: Congratulations to  @Fat Bastard on 2nd place and winning 20 cosmetic coins!

3rd place: Congratulations to @ex whyskill on 3rd place and winning 10 cosmetic coins!



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