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Client troubleshooting guide

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Common Client Issues and how to troubleshoot
Problems and descriptions
i.  Client Doesn't load (problems with Java or lack of Java installed\Wrong version)
ii. client stays on Loading 0%.  (Client is having trouble connecting to the server)
iii. Logging in and total blackscreen (Let the cache load)


i. Deleting the Cache and Client

When you run the Ataraxia for the first time it downloads the server cache files on your C: drive.
For the first step we are going to delete these two cache files as well as the Ataraxia.jar client.
This is the file Directory for the Cache:  C:\Users\ current login name
ex. C:\users\Noele  and locate the Folders labled AtaraxialiveCache1 - 2 - 3 or however many you have. Typically just delete everything thats ataraxia related

Lh8AiecvTeawTqNgBUfMag.png & iqZTTjprQcKGT9ZC-W17pg.png

Once this is deleted, locate to where you have your client and delete it aswell.
(This is the client that you downloaded from "Play Now") 

ii. An Outdated Java

Java is the platform that Ataraxia runs on. To be sure that we are not simply running into an error because of the wrong Java version we will verify that we have the proper Java installed on our computer. Click Here to be taken to the Java website. This site checks your Java version and will tell you if you need to download an updated Java or not.

(Note: Opening in Chrome will not work. Use Internet Explorer, Opera, or Firefox)

iii. Not loading anything when opening client

If your client launcher doesn't show anything at all when you run it, it could very well be that your computer isn't associating .jar files with Java. This tool quickly fixes it for you:


IV. Client closing without loading.
If your client launcher closes without loading - 

Make a new map somewhere on your computer. Copy the whole .jar file into that new folder you created.

Right click the .jar file - Open as > JavaTM

V. Client doesn't appear as a client.
Not having Java installed on your computer will result in clients looking like this 
2KZ-hEPWSp2kLjL0ye-30A.png = This is a .rar File, from Winrar and what happens when you open it



Same Case:

bixbjil9R-qK3ZEzXKsVtg.png = internet explorer when you open client is because you don't have Winrar

VI. Settings to Aid your gameplay

Now that you got your client setup, lets find the best settings for you to help you run the client more smoothly.
-Setting all settings on will make the client look even better than ever (Bloom makes everything all pretty - But optional)
These are fair settings that most players will play on (Some will use anti-aliasing 2x) but OPEN GL is a must for Best output for graphics at this time.
But not everyone can play on these settings. Here is what a "minimal" client setup look.

if these settings don't help, theyre are default settings you can choose from:

[Reserved space for Apple Mac Troubleshooting]

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